Problem with cubase 12 desapeared the executable file cubase12.exe

Good evening,
Today after 20 days I opened my computer to run Cubase 12 which I have installed and on the desktop, there was no icon nor the file in the application folders. I tried to install the version from Steinberg Download Assistant but this is impossible. I am attaching the image it shows me.

or, when I try as Admin I have this message

Twelve years since version 4 and for the first time I feel great disappointment with Steinberg. I never expected to not have the program for so many days and no one gives a solution…
How come the executable file does not exist on the computer and how did it disappear from one day to the next? No viruses, no bug, no changes in my computer…

Dimitris Kambanos


Then install Cubase manually (in the best case as administrator), please.

How can I do that?


As mentioned in the message. The folder is:
Users/done/Downloads/Steinberg as we can see on the screenshot.

I have tried and here is the new message… Error Code 1612

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Read thru this thread, please.

Yes I have read but it is not my case. No problem with my computer. Thanks

Hi to every one,
I would like to inform you that I solved the problem by a recovery of Windows 10, which was the only solution that I had at the end and 5 days without any answer from official Steinberg support. I followed the suggestion of a good friend D.S. and it was the last thing I had to do. Yes, at the end was a mismatch of the code of the newer version of Cubase 12.0.30 with my windows installation. Maybe one of the recent windows updates…
I hope no one has this problem now or in the future.
Thanks Martin.Jirsak that from the first moment try to help with some good advice.

Kind regards
Dimtris Kambanos

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