problem with Cubase 7.5.40 and Audient ID14

I am having problems with Cubase (7.5.40) and Audient Id14 running through MacOS Sierra.
I update my Audient ID14 drivers and Firmware and also make the last update I found in the Cubase 7.5 updates (7.5.40)

It does sound with my Mac audio built in outputs.

The audient ID14 is working well with other DAWS (Logic pro X).

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Cubase 7.5.40 is not compatible officially with macOS Sierra.

Make sure, you are not using Sample Rate higher then 48kHz.

Hi Martin,
what might I do ? Going back to an earlier MacOS ? Waiting for an update fix ?
Updating to Cubase 8 solve it ?
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Update to Cubase 8.5 will make your Cubase compatible with your OS version. So then it has to work. But the question is, where the issue is.

You could try to download Cubase 8.5 Trial, any try yourself.

Is the driver macOS 10.12 compatible?

My Cubase 7.5.40 does work in Sierra with Mac internal audio, the problem is between Cubase and Audient in the Sierra environment
The Audient latest driver and firmware were installed without problem.

I was wondering if there is anyway to solve the problem without having to buy the upgrade to Cubase 8 (7.5 is very good to me)
Thanks !

This doesn’t mean the driver is compatible. What does vendor says? Is the compatibility declarated by him?

Hi, I tried it with Cubase 8.5 and it is still not working.
I download and install the latest Firmware and driver form audient. Driver: iD Mac Drivers - OSX 10.7.5 and later - v3.2.0 [.dmg, 13.8MB] Firmware: iD14 Firmware v1.0.5 [300kB, ZIP] from this site :


This doesn’t sound very convincing for me, to be honest.

What Sample Rate do you use? Try 44.100 please.

I tried it in 44.1 KHz 48 KHz , 88.2 KHz and 96 KHz

What about meters? Can you see the activity of the meters on the Stereo Out? Do you use Control Room? Can you see the activity there?

Are you 100%, the settings is correct in the Devices Setup and VST Connections? Could you try to increase the Buffer Size?

Theres no activity of the meters.
I dont use control room, I look there and theres also no activity. Everything in Devices setup an Vst conections seems to be fine.
I tried also increasing the buffer size.

I am writing in parallel to the Audient tecnicians.

I thinks there might be some kind of misunderstanding between Sierra, Cubase and the specific interface

When I work with Logic pro x everything is doing well with the Audient.

While working with Cubase and the Mac internal soundcard everything works good also.

Interesting, with the meters… Can you see meters at least on the source Audio Channels?

No, I cant see them on the source Audio chanels too

In this case the audio engine is not running with this Audio Device at all.

I don’t believe, this could fix it in your case, but it’s worth to try… Trigger First Aid from the Disk Utilities. It’s good to trigger it time to time. Kind of system Maintenance.

Slowly I run out of the ideas. :-/

Thanks, I tried that to (the First Aid thing) and still not working.
I also make a newer test. I tried to make it work with a Scarlet 6i6 1st gen. And it didnt work either. I checked all the setup stuff as always (in devices, etc), It is very frustrating.
The problem begin when I change to Sierra. So my most strongest conclusion is that theres something that isnt going well between Sierra and Cubase 7.5. 4 (I have also check it with the Trial version of Cubase 8.5) and this hardware ( Audient ID14 and also the Scarlett 6i6). It does work with my mac inner soundcard (thats seems kind of logic).

I really dont know what to do. I have all my cubase works half in suspense. I can edit with headphones using my macbook pro internal sound but that doesnt help me with the rest of my job,
Best regards,

Scarlet 6i6 is also using Class Compliant (i.e. MacOS native) driver.

Hi, Martin, I really dont know how to make it work. I really try everything I can, all your suggestion and all of the Audient people suggestions. They (the people from Audient) ask me to contact them with anyone in Cubase support for making a direct chat between Audient and Cubase. There is any email of contact of a Cubase tech or representant I can send them ?
I am in this situation: I can edit with Cubase using headphones with my macbook pro internal soundcard. But I cant use the recording posibilities of Cubase right now neither hearing in my monitors, etc, etc.
I dont think that buying the last Cubase (9 for example) should be a solution for me, mostly because I was really happy with my version of Cubase and dont want to spend more money right now (not knowin if it is really going to help). I tried 8. 5 version and didnt work either. Maybe Cubase 9 is the solution but I really dont want to spend that money to solve a problem that seems to be a compatibility beetwen Cubase and Sierra OSX.
Wish we can find a solution so I can return to work with me Cubase workflow that right now is freezed.
Thanks a lot for your patience and help,


Cubase 9 uses the same audio engine as Cubase 8.5. So I wouldn’t expect it working.

I will ask Steinberg representative, if they could provide a NFR version of Cubase to Audient, with link to this thread.

Thanks a lot ¡!

I make a new update in Sierra (Sierra’s last update) wishing some kind of magic change, jeje. Still not working