Problem with Drawing Notes in Drum Editor

I have a large, very complex rhythm of notes in a drum track and I want to draw some drum notes in the same places on a different part that will share some common notes, so I want to see them both in the editor at the same time so I can place them correctly. (N.B. the examples images below are simple for illustration…)

I have existing notes in Bongo B and I want to draw some notes in the same places in Bongo A. So I select them both in the track list and then select Bongo A in Currently Edited Part, as shown below. . .
If I draw a note where there is no note in Bongo B (“New”, below), it draws fine.

But if I try to draw a note where there’s already a note in Bongo B (“Existing note in Bongo B”, above) . . .

It switches the setting in Currently Edited Part to Bongo B and deletes that note!
Why does it do that? What is considered the benefit of this behaviour? What’s the workaround so I can draw notes where there are already existing notes in the other part?

Thanks in advance.

If your drawing a note in one part and it deletes it then you are in the wrong part. I take it you have two tracks. One playing the bongos and another playing other percussion with a drum map?

Take a look at this thread.

Look at the pictures. Read the text. I don’t see any connection with the thread you posted. I’m not trying to open two editors at once. Cubase handles having multiple parts visible in the Editor at the same time with the Currently Edited Part dropdown combined with multiple selection.

There are two parts selected, Bongo A and Bongo B. (they’re actually both duplicates of the same Groove Agent track). The Currently Edited Part was Bongo A. I can draw a note in Bongo A where there is no note in Bongo B with no problem, but if I try to do the same where there is a note in Bongo B it changes the “Currently Edited part” setting to Bongo B and deletes that note.

Here’s something interesting . . .

This behaviour only seems to exist in the Drum Editor, not in the Key Editor… So a kind of a workaround seems to be to edit my drums in the key editor, but then you lose the drum-maps.

Why would Steinberg have one kind of behavior for the Drum Editor and different behaviour for the Key Editor, and what is the benefit for this behaviour for programming drums?

I’m sure Steinberg made it this way for a perfectly excellent reason and it’s totally not a bug, but just in case anyone’s asks, it’s Cubase Pro 11.0.30 , Build 419.