problem with midi clock sync

I hope someone skilled can guide me on how to use Cubase to send the tempo / midi clock of the projects I’m working on. I use Cubase Elements 9 and I have a setup with a Yamaha Reface DX connected with USB and an M-Audio 4x4 midi interface for other synths. What happends is that Cubase sends the midi clock from the Reface out to all midi outs, regardless of what I setup in the Project Syncronization Setup. If I disconnect the Reface, Cubase doesnt send any clock and instruments like my Korg MS2000 set to External clock goes mute… VST synths are the only ones synced properly to the tempo… Is there any way to have Cubase send the project tempo as midi clock?

Sending midi clock from Cubase:

Transport menu>Project Synchronization Setup>MIDI Clock Out

Or page 954 of the manual