Problem with This flow/All flows

Working with small string ensemble using VSL Dimension strings and VSL solo strings (special edition versions of both, each on dedicated instances in Ensemble Pro).

I 'm trying to set up a flow using the initial Dimension-based layout , but switched to the Solo instance. I switch ‘Edits apply to’ This Flow, then attempt to change the routing of Violin 1. First it moves to the bottom of the divisi group (i.e. Vl.1.4) and then disappears entirely. If I save and reopen, it reappears, still assigned to the Dimension instance, and still saying ‘Edits apply to All Flows’.

Maybe I need separate instrument groups in Setup? I don’t know.

Hello Macabru,
I have had the same problem. I got help from Lilly (?), when I was fighting with Dorico 3.5 about ‘for all flows’ and ‘for this flow only’.
She told me, although you see again ‘all flows’ at start-up, you can hear that it works. Dorico does not forget that you did set up your music for ‘this flow’ …
So I was confused about what I saw at the start up. … Why does Dorico not show me the actual situation and that is: ‘edits apply to this flow’? Now I use Dorico pro 4.2. … And the same situation as Dorico pro 3.5…
But Dorico still stays the best for me … thanks to the team…

Thanks. I’d forgotten about this, maybe I’ll take another look, as you say, updated to Dorico 4.2. Could you give me the link to your thread with Lillie on this?


Jan '21

Hello Marcabru,
This is what she wrote to me in that time when I asked for help …
Welcome back to the forum Joep - I think you’re probably not doing anything wrong. In Play mode, those buttons for “set for this flow / set for all flows” apply to the changes you make immediately after choosing one, they don’t necessarily reflect the current/prevailing state of the voice. If you’re confident you chose the right option and then changed the settings accordingly, those changes should still be active (even if the button doesn’t confirm that to you visually).
Good luck

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