Problem with UR44 mic input level

Hi there,

I just bought an UR44 device and I am using it with a Mac + Logic Pro X.
My problem is that the input level for mics is very very low : I have to talk quite loud and very close to the mic + to set the gain to 75% to get an almost-decent signal, and to reach the peak (with red light on), I have to scream on the mic. So there is obviously something wrong.
I have tried with different cables and different mics (SM57, SM58 and AT2020) + checked the level on both Logic and dspMixFx_UR44 apps and the problem is still here.

Is there something wrong with my UR44 device? Is there something I am doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance.

I assume you’ve tried increasing the input gain.
How about using an external pre?

Hi BriHar, thanks a lot but what I want to understand is why this is happening and if my UR44 has something wrong or not.

Which Inputs are you using? What is the Input setting level - +4 dBu or -10 dBV?
Are you direct monitoring? Do you have the Effect insertion engaged (Inserted)? What is the gain setting of the Channel Strip?

I just checked each and all individual inputs of the UR44 using an AKG P5 dynamic mic with (0dB gain) and without channel strip active. All levels are fine.