UR44 low mic input gain levels


The input gain levels on my new UR44 is are very low compared to my old presonus audiobox
I am using 2 dynamic mics and 1 condensor all XLR connected with the gain knobs at about 3 o’clock
I have to yell extremely loudly right into the mics to even get any clipping

I am using direct monitoring from cubase elements 8 with all DSP input effects turned off
My computer is a fast PC ultrabook with SSD drive
All current updates for yamaha USB driver, Basic FX Suite and cubase have been installed

This problem I believe has been queried before, with no apparent resolution

one person suggested:
Shame you cannot change the input level for the mic inputs the same way like for inputs 5/6 +4 dBu, -10 dBV
I think that’s what makes the differnce between ur22 and ur44. One being set to consumer levels, the other one to pro levels.

Is this the case? Or am I missing something?
I will return the unit if this is the way it should be
Can anybody from steinberg comment?

bob laughlin
vancouver BC

The mic gain is listed at +52dB, that should be more than enough for most mic’s
Are you using xlr to xlr’s?
Check the clip lights on the UR44 itself, if they’re lighting then you have something set wrong, most probably.

the mic cables are XLR to XLR
the clip lights on the UR44 do not come on either


after some very helpful email contact with tech support at steinberg/yamaha canada i’ve resolved the issues raised in my original post

the mic input levels are lower than what this novice is used to from the 2-input presonus audiobox i used previously, but with some tinkering i’m quite happy with the recording quality and levels i’m getting from 2 dynamic and 2 condensor mics with the UR44

the only possible downside is i need to max out the gain knobs on the UR44 for the dynamic mics (2 antique AKG D1200E’s) and put about 3 o’clock on the condensors, very little noise at that level but it escalates quite a bit beyond that - equivalent settings on the audiobox were about 2 hours less, not a big deal

bob laughlin
vancouver BC