Problem with Vari Audio 3 Cubase 12 (((

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DSabath This is not a solution to the problem! It’s my job every day, I need to adjust each sample to an already aligned sample (((, and I have to see this, both in pitch and in timing, and it worked perfectly in Cubase 11! What you suggest does not solve the problem , and I cannot see two tracks at the same time, the first one is aligned, and the second one is not(((This is a very big problem that needs to be fixed first, and quickly(((because we work with this every day, and in Cubase 12 this not possible!!!(((. I have to open Cubase 11 and do it all there!. Then the question is? why did I have to buy this raw, non-working update? Please fix it soon. I understand what needs to be done many fixes, but fix this first(((, and release updates to fix this bug. Thank you so much for your understanding.

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When editing several tracks in Variaudio, only the one that is higher in the project itself is visible in the foreground. If you need to edit a clip that is lower in the project than any open track with it, then it is in the background and is not visible for editing. I really look forward to fixing the bugs.

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CUBASE PRO 12.0.10
Steinberg!!! Do you even read what people write?

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They do, they said there’s a fix on the way.

There are a ton of features I’d love to use in Cubase 12. But I use 11, because it’s stable, there are no problems, I’m making money, and in a groove with my projects. I’m not going to risk that groove by updating software.

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Are you kidding me? How can one work in such “Variaudio”? Bring back “Variaudio” from the eleventh version!


This is obviously a mess to look at and also a mystery to me how this was not noticed in the development stage and now in the maintenance update. Hopefully this will be in the next maintenance update ASAP.

But they managed to put so many helpful things in this new Cubase release, and with new features there always come some unpredictable behaviours, especially on a multiplatform program, which on top of that also runs 3rd party apps. So this is really a minor “cosmetic” issue compared to the stability/performance issues and therefore will be most probably fixed in a second moment.

PS: Will download the update later and hope the performance issue is fixed! Also really happy to see multi track freeze added to the features.

I am a user since Cubase 7 and compared to that time, Steinberg seems to listen more and more to their users lately. Keep that going!

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@Aliaksei_Makeyeu -

Hi, i couldn’t tell for sure from your pic what the problem in Variaudio was … is it that the colors appear washed out/not bright?


  1. When selecting several tracks for editing - only one track opens in Variaudio. In the eleventh version, all selected tracks were opened.
  2. In Variaudio, the opening of the track occurs from the first measure. In the eleventh version, it opened as it should, at the cursor position.
  3. The highlighted active track is in the background, but should be in the foreground. In the Eleventh version, the active track was as it should be in the foreground.
  4. To activate another track in Variaudio, in the eleventh version, it was enough to click on an inactive track with the mouse. And in the twelfth version, there is no way to click the adjacent segment with the mouse,
    which is completely inconvenient.
  5. Vertical scrolling in Variaudio has become very slow, you have to turn the mouse wheel for a very long time. In the eleventh version, everything was fine.
  6. Pitch curves are now randomly distributed throughout the Variaudio window. Unless the track in Variaudio is loaded from the first measure. Again, in the eleventh version, everything was fine.
    Variaudio is one of the main editing tools. I chose Cubase for myself, because it has Variaudio.

That’s a know issue which will be fixed in the next maintenance update. Unfortunately we couldn’t fix it in time for the 12.0.10.


Pity. When next maintenance update is planned?


This is exactly what I am getting in my C12. Well described.

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Eu ainda não recebi o e-mail de atualização do cubase 11 para o 12… o que eu preciso fazer?

Steinberg please correct this mistake! It is not possible to work with voices(((. We will have to do all this again in Cubase 11? I’m tired of jumping from the program to the program(((Record in Cubase 12, edit in Cubase 11, and then back to Cubase 12 !!! ((( This problem was reported as soon as Cubase 12 came out, but you still haven’t fixed it! Or couldn’t you? Steinberg please make an update to fix this. We’re all looking forward to Cubase 12.0.11 or Cubase 12.0. 20, I don’t know what you would call it. Thank you very much for your understanding))).

The 12.0.20 update is coming soon.


Thank you very much for the quick answer!))) waiting)))

And this time please do not stop with 12.0.40. More frequent, even little updates to correct painpoints in time and then not to let the version die with all the bugs once a new is on the horizon. For instance, Cubase 11 is dead but not finished or even bug free (certainly will never be but acknowledged bugs before a new version is out must be fixed imho).


Cubase Pro 12.0.20. Make sure that when you open Variaudio, the track display is at the cursor position, and not at the beginning of the track.


EDIT… SOLVED FOR ME Thanks Matthias!

So annoying… still not fixed. I remember your post. Was hoping this one would be sorted.

Could you please explain what exactly isn’t fixed with the 12.0.20 update?