Problem with Vari Audio 3 Cubase 12 (((

The problem with Vari Audio 3 Cubase 12 (((When I select two files to align the second vocal, under the aligned first, then something incomprehensible happens with the curves that confuse me (((if I open each file separately, then with curves everything is fine. How to solve this problem? Or is it a bug of the program? When can we expect a fix? I have been working with this every day since Cubase 11 but there are no such problems (((


Uploading: Cub12 1.jpg…

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Steinberg are you alive there? Can you at least say something about this?

Of course, I am silent about periodic slowdowns, and some kind of brakes, when I had to go into the device and change samples, and not in plus, but in minus up to 128 (((, and everything worked well after that))) there were lags at simple trimming of the track, when you cut or move it, during playback ((( just want to re-open Cubase 11 and work quietly (((and I like Cubase 11 Pro much more in terms of stability ((( Or decide for yourself, just me, and the people who buy Cubase 12 from you are not happy with this whole situation (((

It does look like you’ve found a bad problem with C12 and VariAudio 3.

Was the project started in C11 and opened in C12 by any chance.? Or did it all originate in C12.?

Can you please do just a little more to help Steinberg understand what may be going on here…? Zip up a cut-down of your project file, including those two pieces of audio in your screen-shot and attach here (or, if over 4Mb in size, upload to ‘Dropbox’ or similar and post the download link).? Could really help quicken a diagnosis/fix for any problem they might find…

I know you’re thinking they could just try this out themselves at their end - but, there’s always the chance that there’s something unique you’ve discovered with your exact project/files, that they won’t readily see without your help…

Its just a suggestion…

It doesn’t matter, everything works in Cubase 11 Pro, but in 12 there are some miracles with curves (((which is not possible to work (((

The project was made in Cubase 12 Pro the same situation(((

This is a kasyak!!!

Where is Steinberg? why are they not answering

Steinberg я жду вашего ответа!

Steinberg I’m waiting for your answer!

Same problem here. When selected more than one event in vari audio - there are some additional waves forms/lines appears. They are multiplication of one of these event - exact same lines. Very confusing and irritating bug. Please correct this one! Sometimes I edit 10 events at once - in that case I have 10 additional wave lines!!! This is crazy.

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I have no problems with vari audio in C11 - when I open this project in Cubase 11 all is ok. Below screenshot of the same session and events on C11 - everything is ok. It is a Cubase 12 bug.

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Have you tried to mess with the settings in the lower zone menu bar?
There you can make only events, all clips etc. visible. However, they are still there, just not visible anymore.
I already mentioned this problem in a different thread. It makes absolutely no sense to show all clips of an event and having to enable each one to be able to edit it. Instead it would be much easier for everyone, if only the active events will show up in the variaudio editor.
Check my thread over here:

Variaudio: tuning multiple events, is there a more easy way? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I did try different settings. However it was working absolutely ok in Cubase 11 - all events were active to edit and all visible - I’ve never had any problems. I think this is obvious bug in C12 - I hope they will correct it soon. At this moment editing multiple selected events in Vari Audio is simply not possible due to these additional duplicated or multiplied wave curves.

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we fix the display of micropitch curves on inactive events in the next maintenance update.

You can set “Clip Display Mode” to “Show Active Clip” to show only the event currently active for editing.


Thanks for your reply! So we’re waiting for the fix in upcoming update.

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Thanks, when can we expect an update? It’s just that you have to work with this mode every day(((work is worth it(((you have to open Cubase 11, but it’s not convenient(((we paid money for program 12, but you have to work in the old version to do it(((we are waiting for updates!!!

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Found this issue too. Waiting for a fix. (I guess I should have waited with the upgrade … hope I won’t see worse bugs)

@DSabath The workaround sounds good but I cannot find the “Clip Display Mode” option… I’ve searched the manual as well. Can you assist with that?

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