Problems after Windows Update 1909

When I quit Dorico and restart it after a short time I get the following message.

Unfortunately I only get this problem since I installed Windows 10 Pro Update1909 Build 18363.836. I have to restart the computer to be able to restart Dorico.
Can someone help

Dear Eggi,
Have you checked that your E-licenser app is up to date?

Unfortunately the so-called DCOM problem still afflicts some users of all Steinberg applications using the USB-eLicenser on Windows. The eLicenser team are working on a fix, but unfortunately there’s no news as yet. As I understand it, normally rebooting will put it in abeyance for a while.

Okay, thanks for the quick response.
I have the latest version of the e-licenser and at the moment the short term start of Dorico is running again… but how long, I hope Steinberg knows soon. Frustration in the Corona time is very annoying.

Daniel, this looks like the same problem I was having too, right?

Eggi, I’m on Win 10 Home Update 1909 Build 18363.815 and have had issues too. This is maybe unrelated, but just out of curiosity, when you’ve had this crash were you using the Halion Sonic SE to play VST sounds? Or another VST player? (Or no sounds?) I haven’t been able to figure out the exact conditions that seem to cause this, but when I use a different VST Player I haven’t been experiencing this. I haven’t been troubleshooting this long enough to know if that’s actually significant or not, but was just curious if you were also using Halion when you had this message.

Yes, Todd, it’s the same issue. I don’t think it’s specific to Windows 1909, I’m afraid; the problem has been rumbling along in the background for a while now, resisting our eLicenser team’s efforts to fix it, but they’re still working on it.

I only use Noteperformer, but I only encountered this problem when I made the Windows update to 1909. The update also destroyed some licenses. Keyscape, Samplitude and others. I was able to repair them. I strongly suspect that it is not only on the e-licenser but also on Windows . The Internet is full of the buggy update. I’m thinking about resetting the computer, but my licenses are too valuable to lose them again.
With kind regards

Is it possible it could be related to Halion? Eggi is using Noteperformer so that can’t be it entirely though. I don’t know if that is even within the realm of possibilities here, but on Monday I had a file that was hanging, you reset the playback to Silence, when I opened it back up it would work with JABB sounds but would hang again with Halion. This morning I kept getting error messages with a file using Halion, rebooted probably 5 or 6 times, then switched to JABB and now have been working probably 4 hours straight without an issue. Obviously a small sample size so could just be coincidence, but I was wondering if there was any way Halion was somehow calling for the license and that was what was hanging things up.

Hi Todd,
my computer had a USB-eLicenser version No idea where it came from. At Steinberg you can currently get version I have now installed the old version and it seems that the error message is missing. Maybe you should check the versions.

I have the newer version installed too. If the old version fixes your issues, then I’ll definitely roll mine back as well.

I think, we have different problems. Your program crashes and my program does not start at all after the second or third opening. I will continue to check the behavior. Still I don’t understand why Steinberg doesn’t have the (current) version of the USB-eLicenser available for download.

I believe a recent update was withdrawn after its release, so that might explain why an older version than the previous latest version is now available once more.

Solution found, it seems this problem is coming directly from Windows “DCOM service”…

I have worked through the instructions but unfortunately I experienced a nasty surprise. The reason for this was that the dongle was switched off and no access was possible, so no licenses were available. Wow !!! Then I restored the registry and “thank god” it works again. Where is my error ???

Was the deletion of the registry to blame ???