Problems N8 to Cubase 7.5.10 Recording Sound

Is there anyone out there that is using a Yamaha N8 mixer with Cubase 7.5? I have the IEEE 1394 connection, Cubase recognizes the mixer and vice versa. I have signal coming in, when just stereo the sound is perfect (so not the mixer), however when I switch to DAW and listen via monitor the sound is choppy, bass note starts, then chops, note, drop, note, drop, crackle, I have made sure I have the latest versions of FW Asio, N8 firmware, IEEE1394 firmware, but very frustrated, system is basically useless at this point… Anyone have any advice?

I’m using an N12 with C7.5.1 and its working in both directions. What is the “performance meter” showing when you get the pops and crackles and what sample size have you got set in the FW driver?

Aloha guys and +1

n12 (x2)/C7.5.10 working perfectly here.
System has never been more solid.

Here is an n8/n12 thread over at gearslutz that might help.

Careful. TRhe thread is quite long.
So maybe start at the end and work backwards

Hope you get it sorted.

Hi…N8 and Cubase 7.5.10 working solid here…wish I could help with your problem…at least you know it should be working and will once you get to the bottom of it…Kevin :slight_smile:

This thread might help.

I recently solved this after a lot of fruitless time on message boards and poking about in my setup.

I had this problem with a new PC running Windows 8. Plenty of juice in the system, but Cubase was constantly letting out weird little crackles.

I tried everything, and eventually tracked the issue down to the various network wi-fi services. All that stuff.

As you’ll know, it is a major hassled remembering to do them all manually.

So, I have a present for any of you with this problem. I can’t promise it will work, but it does for me.

I made two tiny little programs, which I have on my taskbar, one before the Cubase icon, and one after.

  1. “Lee’s Antedaw” is merely a little program that executes this code:

@Echo Off

net stop “lanmanworkstation”
net stop “netprofm”
net stop “NlaSvc”
net stop “dhcp”
net stop “Netman”
net stop “nsi”
net stop “wwansvc”
net stop “wlansvc”
netsh interface set interface “Wi-Fi” admin=disable


  1. “Lee’s Postdaw” switches all these services back on, after you have finished making your future hits:

@Echo Off

net start “netprofm”
net start “NlaSvc”
net start “dhcp”
net start “Netman”
net start “nsi”
net start “wwansvc”
net start “wlansvc”
net start “lanmanworkstation”
netsh interface set interface “Wi-Fi” admin=enable


IMPORTANT: you need to make sure that your wi-fi internet connection is named “Wi-Fi” for these applications to work.

IMPORTANT: Before you use the programs, right click on them and select properties. Under “Compatibility”, make sure you check the box to run them as an admin.

DISCLAIMER: These are provided free of charge. I made them privately for myself, but found them so handy I wanted to make them available to my fellow brother and sister musicians. So, use at your own risk. I am not a techie, and WILL NOT provide support if you f##k up your system after using these.

However - the entire code contained in the exe files is pasted above . if you don’t understand what this will do to your system, DON’T USE THEM.

If they work for you, show me some love by visiting my band at, or even buying our music through our record company (we’ll be putting out our first EP with them in October 2014)



Make sure you have a TI chipset Firewire card.

+1 to that, I had to change mine…