Problems with Accusonus ERA-D

With ERA-D V1.2 (most recent version) I get a blank window with the VST3 version. Handling is very sluggish with the VST2 version - practically unusable. This affected other plug ins in the chain as well. Generally there are often problems with plug ins of all sorts reacting with a lag. The same plug ins in other hosts work well. The case with teh ERA-D plug in is a drastic example.
Wavelab Pro 9.0.25, OSX 10.10.5

The WaveLab problems continue with 9.0.30! VST3 doesn’t show a plug in window at all, VST 2 version does show up but has strange side effects like sticking mouse cursor (you cannot release the plug in window), controls are not working … or with a huge delay. Era-D 1.2 is unusable in WL! (OS X 10.10.5)
Accusonus is aware of the problems but: “this bug is mainly on Wavelab’s side (other plugin developers have also similar problems)”. It is really getting annoying with WaveLab 9 and plug in problems.

So nobody’s going to fix it? Nobody’s going to test further on either end? They say the problem’s “mainly” on the Wavelab side without giving any details? That’s pretty unhelpful. And doesn’t that mean there’s something they should be doing or changing too? Both companies should test and fix what they can.

both companies should test, if “it works fine in Cubase”

I haven’t checked all relevant plug ins so far, as I’m in a series of productions I have to finish right now. But I know there are several problems with plug ins in WL. The same plug ins run abolutely fine in Nuendo 7 and Cubase 8.5 which I also use daily and that points directly to WL IMO. 9.0.30 solved the lagging audio playback when started the first time - playback is very snappy now. But I also still get the “The VST audio connections are not valid” messages for my two RME audio cards, I have to click them away evey time I start WL on my Mac Pro - I supect WL gets a bit confused by having two PCIe audio cards. Wahtever … many little and bigger problems … and a friend of mine has massive problems on Win 7 with WL too but no time to report. It is to much hassle … and this is pro software - it should work better.

I thought it was interesting the Kazrog developer came in here after the same “works fine in Cubase” complaints, and didn’t place any of the blame on Wavelab, saying he was working on getting his plugins to work correctly in Wavelab, because it turned out there was nothing wrong with what Wavelab was doing, it was just more complicated to get them to work correctly with Wavelab, or something like that.

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But I don’t think many plugin developers would have that much initiative, which is why I think Steinberg should at least try these plugins that are reported here (that “work fine with Cubase”) and tell the developers it is or isn’t on the Wavelab side, and that the plugin devs should do something about it because people are complaining.

Otherwise nobody’s ever going to fix anything.

I don’t know why you try to defend the WL side so much. I know developers try to sort it out with Steinberg but felt left in the dark - concerning WL. But I won’t be the voice for developers here - I’m a user.

I’m just saying that you reported this months ago and nothing’s changed, so I guess Steinberg didn’t test it, or did test it and found nothing wrong on the Wavelab side. Did Steinberg test this PG?.

Since Shane from Kazrog apparently completely fixed the problems with his plugins without any change at all on the Wavelab side, I don’t think it’s necessarily safe to assume there’s a Wavelab problem even if a plugin works fine in other hosts but not Wavelab. Shane apparently used to blame Wavelab too, but now says that there was apparently nothing wrong in Wavelab, that it’s just different, and plugin makers probably have to adjust for that if they haven’t already.

He said “Wavelab can be a bit finicky with VSTs”. And “Because WaveLab uses a tabbed interface and is so modular, it does place additional demands upon plugins. It’s really not the fault of WaveLab when things go wrong I’ve learned, but the fault of developers for not taking the time to introspect about the myriad use case implications”.

I’m not really defending Steinberg, I think they should try plugins that are reported here, because the user is left stuck in the middle when Cubase and other hosts aren’t “finicky” with plugins, but Wavelab apparently is. Maybe all the others just let anything go no matter how far out of bounds, but I’m just guessng, and I doubt Wavelab is going to change how it treats those.

I do think that Slate, TDR, or Tritone will find the Wavelab only mac sticky mouse problem. Strangely none of them blamed Wavelab when I wrote to them (I don’t mean that sarcastically, I was actually surprised they didn’t since it seems to be Wavelab only). One thought it was the JUCE they all use. They all said they’d look into it.

Thank you bob99 for your thoughts. But we as users cannot decide who or what to blame, but can see what works and what not. We don’t know if the other developers are confronted with the same problems as Kazrog. I can just make all sides, host and plug in developers, aware of problems - that’s exactly what I did. there is no way for me to judge who is pointing to the other side and being correct. If WL is “finicky” about plug ins seems pure speculation. Frankly said, I paid some substantial money for WL9Pro and two WL9ELements licenses and the plug ins in question and expect it to work on a supported OS on a potent Mac Pro. While in the same environment Nuendo, Cubase run daily without a hickup with the exact same plug ins. It doesn’t seem to me as asking for to much.

Accusonus says that after first looking into the problems and not finding a quick fix, that they’re still looking into it and working on it. They say it’s very complicated. But they hope to have fixes sometime in the coming months.