Problems with updating to Cubase 12? Please read this first before posting!

No, it’s not too late. There is no end date of the grace period. No worries. We just have a lot of traffic on our server right. Please have some patience and try it again in a couple of hours.

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What is the best time to try to upgrade? I’m a night owl so can do it at late times.

Hi there!

I’ve updated to last eLicenser via download page, did the maintenance thrice but it always fails with the aforementioned errors (3 of 6). Now it says I have my Cubase Pro 11 license “transfer pending” and when I try to open Cubase it says No license found. Hope this is all normal due to servers overload?

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My Cubase Pro 11 is at transferring, maintenance tasks fails to contact server, i try Steinberg license activation software and Download assistant, i enter the Download Access code and select upgrade but receive no licenses found. I have no licenses on the new Steinberg License Activation software either.


After trying maintenance update, I lost my Cubase 11 license from my dongle.
Always shows connection error. I hope your server issue can be fix soon.
I need to go back to work.


So that’s just great. I am now blocked from using Cubase 11 at all (didn’t opt for 12 yet). It shows no license, this evening. e-Licenser is dead and with deadlines on my neck, I am not too happy. Was it so much of a problem to keep old versions intact? :slight_smile: Anyway, I guess I’ll do something else tonight before I manage to wipe all my licenses.

Now it’s showing Cubase Pro 11 (Grace Period Eligible) but while doing maintenance in Step 01 it’s showing failed rest Steps are showing ok What to do the next

I have the same problem, in the eLicenser it says Cubase Pro 11 (Grace Period Eligible) - Steinberg, Transfer pending…

Now i cant even use my Cubase Pro 11 DAW… i hope they fix this fast. When i try to recover, it says that the servers are down.

I have a project to be recorded in 8 hours and now my Cubase Pro 11 is deactivated after attempting to activate 12 (it shows “Transfer Pending”, failed to recover right now). I think it makes sense to deactivate 11 “AFTER” 12 is activated. I mean, the situation is quite expectable isn’t it?

What I see in my head is, the server just search and verify information from a database, maybe as large as 10 million entries, and it should take less than a second for modern servers to complete a request, shouldn’t be a big deal. It seems this is much more complicated than I thought, I don’t know.

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please help me anyone … i activated my grace period through the activation manager but now i cant open cubase 11 nor 10 … it says no valid license … i can open cubase 12 tho … and maintenance in ELICENSER keeps saying connection cant be established … someone help please

Same issue! eLicenser cannot perform maintenance tasks. When entering activation code to updae 11 pro to 12 pro it also says “not upgradable”

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I had this problem. You need to select your dongle on left, not upgradeable license.

Guys, it just worked for me to open the Cubase 12, it asks for login, then you need to authorize activation manager and everything starting to work. No USB licenser anymore!

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thank you - that is the one select in the screenshot, tried again but same error (probably because Cubase 11 Pro license is stuck on transferring)

Problem solved through support chat. Thanks.

I am getting a not upgradable warning from my pro 11 to pro 12 stating its from an educational version. I did have an educational version back at cubase 4 but have done about 15 paid upgrades that were all full versions as im aware. Now my cubase 11 doesnt work either.

It says Grace period eligible but shows this on start up
I have no idea what account it’s talking about, please organise yourselves

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For those operating on a deadline, I have no idea why you would be in a rush to install cubase 12 when cubase 11 is operating just fine, provided you didn’t run the elicenser maintenance (and why you would have run it makes no sense if cubase 11 worked fine yesterday). Let this be a lesson to you.

For myself, I had decided to upgrade to cubase 11 yesterday from cubase 10.5. I had no idea cubase 12 was releasing today. I am not able to get cubase 12 to authenticate. Elicenser says “grace period eligible,” fails on steps 1 & 6 of maintenance.

The Steinberg activation manager shows I have no products.

I installed Cubase 12, but it stalls on “checking licenses.”

The only resolution provided by Steinberg here is to wait and run elicenser later, and buried in this thread (BUT MISSING IN THE MAIN POST) is to run the Activation Manager, which doesn’t seem to do anything useful.

You make a lot of money, you charge a lot of money for your software. Load balancing is a thing. Leaders in the industry include companies like cloudflare to help address these kind of load balancing issues. There are solutions, you have just chosen to be cheap.

Alternative solutions could have also been implemented, including, allowing your customer base to have both Cubase 11 and Cubase 12 licenses on the elicenser. Even tho there were no downloads available, you could have, instead of using a “grace period eligible,” actually given a license for Cubase 12 back in December. Over the course of the following three or four months, users would have received a license for Cubase 12 while keeping their 11 license, then, in April, as demand slowed, started removing Cubase 11 licenses for people that upgraded to 12. Then, there would have been no worries. Everyone would install Cubase 12 today, already have the license for 12 on the elicenser, and been up and running. In a month from now, you could start rolling out the removal of Cubase 11 licenses and everyone would have been happy, the whole process transparent.

As for me, your new licensing scheme is garbage. Two activations, if I have to reinstall, I have to deal with deactivating an old computer. To be clear, I am not a fan of the dongle either, the elicenser software is terrible and confusing, despite the limited options contained in it.

Cuckoo has a DAW called Reaper. $60 AND it includes lifetime updates AND has almost no authentication involved. They seem to be doing just fine. At nearly 10% the price of Cubase Pro (and having far more powerful routing options than Cubase), I am tempted to switch to it as my main DAW. Having had video support far longer than Cubase and supporting far more video formats (due to its integration with VLC Player), it is seeming like a better alternative for my needs, especially considering I really only need a piano roll and VST support for Kontakt and VSL libraries and & VST’s.


Showing this same error since yesterday evening till at present, Still no been able to run the maintenance on elicenser even eligible for grace period don’t know what to do now…

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Just keep trying, they have servers in China or something