problems with UR44

Hi. Just bought the UR44, running with Ableton 9 but seem to be having a couple of glitches and would appreciate any suggestions. Firstly, the guitar effects do not appear anywhere and the channel strip button does nothing (though I’m not sure what it’s meant to do but seems fairly important according to the manual). Secondly, when I record into ableton, the effects are not being recorded even though I have selected ‘ins eff’ rather than ‘mon eff’. I’m thinking maybe it hasn’t installed properly but also don’t know if I uninstall it, will I need a new elicence key to re-install?



You need to register them and you will get a further activation number. Once everything is installed you definitely need to update the firmware and driver (Steinberg support downloads) to the latest revisions. This is important!
Finally, in order to use the amp sims, you need to turn some of the channel strips off. (See the table near the end of the PDF Manual for the number of instances and combinations you can run).