Productivity wishlist: 2 items

First: I can’t remember the names of Dorico things long enough to discuss them, and so I would like to point out an element of Apple’s Logic Pro music software, shown here in the first screenshot. It’s a great help when asking help questions. The “?” causes the pointer, when hovered, to explain the item pointed to. I have some wonderful Old Vine Zinfandel I would share with your crew if something akin to this idea showed up on a Dorico screen someday.
Next: I looked and looked and found the name of a Dorico item, which I must leave it up to you to identify because I have already forgotten what it’s called. Again. The screenshot shows where I have to scroll wa-a-y down every time I want to click on one of my Roman numerals (common guitar notation denoting fret position), which can be between 12 and maybe 30 times per page. Can, or could, this collection of Roman numerals be re-positioned and/or re-arranged?

Uploading: Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 2.02.50 PM.png…Uploading: Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 2.02.50 PM.png…
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Regarding the Playing Techniques panel, I agree there are things we could do to make it easier to find specific things and to re-find them again. It’s worth setting up useful popover texts for the playing techniques you use a lot, because then you could potentially type e.g. Shift+P to open the popover, then I, then Return, and that would be lots quicker than fishing about in the panel.

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Thank you for this. Before I dig into it, a question:
These are probably all the Roman numerals that I need:
Is there a popover method for these?

What about VIII ?

If they don’t already exist as Playing Techniques, create them. Set their popover text to be something sensible (like “I” for I, “II” for II etc.). Note that if you use the star icon in the bottom left corner of the Edit Playing Techniques dialog they’ll be saved as default and thus available in all of your projects.

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Good eye, mate!

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If you haven’t seen it, you might be interested in this thread: Barres and fret numbers
I’ve found andyforrest’s user library to be a boon for guitar notation. To be honest I hadn’t even noticed that guitar section in the Playing Techniques panel, because the popover makes it so easy.

is there any chance you could make Dorico remember the last opened section in these panels? That would already do it for me, I spend 90% of my time in the guitar subsection…
And, yes, I do use the popovers a lot and employ a Stream Deck, but still… :wink:

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Yep, Wensleydale I’ve seen it. We spent (well, ME, actually) trying to sort out the cursed barre / half barre thing, and his last posting explained it all.
Why is such a simple operation made so difficult?? I thought they would classify it as a bug, but, not so far…
All the best
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