project assistance window

when cubase first starts up you see the project assistance window. is there a way i can clear the project assistance window, so i can start fresh

There are some preferences relating to how Cubase starts and how the Project Assistant behaves. Look into that. Not sure what you mean by “Clear the project assistance window”. Clear the recent files? Get rid of the window altogether?

getting rid of recent files

Right-click “remove”.

there is no right click remove. not an option. any one no how to clean data app folder?

This has been a requested feature (to clear the recent projects list). If you temporarily hide the projects files from Cubase, it should remove them from the recent projects list. There may be a way to edit a file as well, but I don’t know which one.

This really is something that should be incorporated into Cubase. Seems like such a trivial thing, but it has a big impact on keeping things organized etc. One should not have to move, edit, delete, or manipulate any files on their drive to get that list clear, it really should be something along the lines of right clicking and choosing, remove project entry from list.


A ‘Clear History’ or ‘Clear selected’ button perhaps, at the top of the window somehow…? Or, context option on a ‘Right-click’ would do…

This helped.

Hi Willy,

You can remove items from the Project Assistant.

You need to highlight the item you wish to remove and THEN right-click. If it doesn’t immediately work, try highlighting another title then return to the correct one again and right-click. It is a bit hit-and-miss I agree, but you should get a three option menu. RENAME, DELETE, SHOW IN EXPLORER


This will not only remove them from the project assistant, but delete the actual project file from your HDD.

Thinking Cap is incorrect.

Deleting templates from Project Assistant emphatically does not delete project folders.

Try it:

Open new project of any type
Save as template - ‘silly name’
Close project
Open new project, apply ‘silly name’ template, do some recording. save project
Open Assistant again
Delete ‘silly name’
Result (of course) project folder still exists!

Any other result would be nuts