Project Collapsed Folder: Sync to mixer and hide

Is there any way yet, to have, as above, a work option so that when traversing folders, that they hide the collapsed folders tracks also in the console view?



It is in sync on my side. The Project window and the MixConsole expand/collapse the folders in sync. No special sync set up.

So you collapse the folder in project view and the related tracks in the mix console become hidden?


No, they don’t become hidden (same as they are not hidden in the Project window). The folder becomes collapsed in the Visibility.

If you want to hide them, then hide them. You can sync Hide/Show of the Project- and the MixConsole window.

What exactly do you mean by this? Could you post a screenshot, please?
Thank you!


I mean this…

Screen Recording 2024-03-22 at (675.5 KB)

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I see. It syncs with the Left Zone - Visibility tab in the Mix Console window.
Thank you for clarifying!

Ok yes
But I mean the actual tracks dont hide
If I collapse a folder in the project view, Im tucking it away to reduce clutter, in the same way, Im not interest about the tracks either as Im in the focus part of the workflow…

This feature has been requested before.
Here’s one where you can add your voice if you like: