Project Corrupted?? after updating to 7.0.4 !!

Is there anyway around this ? I have got a full album with my band that I have been working on for a year now and ALL the projects are corrupted after upgrading to 7.0.4!
I try to save the project and it gives me this error -

The project could not be saved because:
The project is corrupt!
No new project could be created

Creating a backup project didnt help at all because it comes up with the same message…
I am so so disappointed in Steinberg…im so upset, I have put so much hard work into this, bought Cubase 7 and all I get is errors and errors…

My system -
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 BIT, Cubase 7.0.4

Oh my god; that’s really bad …

Hey, how about at least trying to export all the info out as stems, and then that can all be safe somewhere whilst you figure out what could be going on with your system - maybe even try a rollback (windows restore point; or reinstall earlier version…?).

Hope you get sorted; that surely can’t be a years worth of work down the drain, just like that… that’s too tough to think about…

Its exactly what it sounds man, everything is corrupted…all my work…im just so disappointed with Steinberg…
After some research that I have done, im not the only one with this problem in this update, there many many more.
How do i install a previous version on a 7.0.4 because I cant reverse my system because I have installed and done work on AfterFX and Photoshop that i dont want to lose!

Thanks for your reply mate, I appreciate it.

This has been happening to me also and when it does I select all of the tracks go to File/export selected tracks; open a new session, file/import track archive. Give that a shot; hopefully it works!

That is my last resort…
I have so many plug ins and effects on each channel, over 100 tracks with real instruments and mixing treatment, this is a massive problem, I will have to keep on recording with these settings as its a full album and it all needs to sound from the same album! nightmare…
I can save each track setting but thats so much work and will cause so much confusion…I hope Steinberg will fix this ASAP because its ridiculous …

Have you tried a system restore to before the update? Do you have backups of the project or incremental saves? Automatic backups?
What I would do…
Back up my projects (not with Cubase, just copy to an external drive or something).
Try a system restore to before the update.
Look for Cubase created backup files (.bak) and back those up as well.
Stop opening projects with 7.0.4 in case it actually is corrupting the projects and doing real damage.

It is a bummer but files can get corrupted or deleted in many ways more than a bad update. You should be protecting your work along the way.


I know and you are 100% right. But Christian from the Steinberg team mentioned that all project with use of Pitch Shifting or Time stretching in MPEX is going to be corrupted in 7.0.4, it is not my hard drive and it isnt anything else, everything worked until I updated and the same issue happened to few people on this forum.
Christian said that Steinberg is currently working on it but I dont know when the next update is going to come out!
The solution for this at the moment is -

‘Back up Project’ with these settings
‘Freeze Edits’
‘Remove Unused Files’
‘Do Not Backup Video’

That kinda saved me I must admit but damn, I panic’d when I found out that my entire album is corrupted + other peoples work that im working with right now. Everybody who is facing this problem, put these settings in, thats your escape plan at the moment !
Overall this is crazy, I truly cannot wait to get this fixed with the new update already…

I assume from what you are saying 7.03 worked OK. If so and you are on Windows system go to programs updates and uninstall 7.04…

Aloha H,
Have you tried using the new C7 ‘Safe Start Mode’?

Hayden it is a major bummer you had to learn this the hard way
but to help all the newbies reading this;
please get this lesson down or you will someday lose valuable work.

I guarantee it. And when $$$ are on the line, it’s a big time bummer.

"Do no up-grades/dates until your work is in the can".

Hope you get this sorted Hayden.

Don’t you keep any back up files. Autosave can be useful. What you need to do now is to make copies of everything in all folders and put these out of the way, especially any tracks that you haven’t opened in 7.0.4.

Don’t try anything else until you’ve done this - that way at least some of the work can be salvaged.

Just to clarify, your problem has been identified…but Steinberg doesn’t have a solution yet correct?

Did Christian even mention trashing your preferences and re-starting? This has corrected corruption issues in the past for myself.

Yes it has been confirmed and is going to be fixed in the next release, there is a thread about it in misc…

Trashing prefs will not solve anything

Thanks for all the help guys!

Does anyone know when 7.05 will be released? Because we have the same ‘corrupted project’ problem after updating to 7.0.4! Christian D. from Steinberg wrote "We have analyzed it and we can confirm it. It happens when audio files have been time-stretched/pitch-shifted using and old MPEX algorithm as Offline Process, which means such projects must have been created several versions respectively years ago."
Bud our project was made in Cubase 5.5.3 and as far as we know we didn’t use time stretching or pitch-shifting.
Will the next maintenance update solve our problem as well?

Did you read this post?

No not yet, thanks!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome!