Cubase / Cubase Artist / Cubase Elements 7.0.5 announcement

Dear Cubase 7, Cubase Artist 7 and Cubase Elements 7 users,

We are happy to announce the upcoming 7.0.5 maintenance updates for Cubase 7, Cubase Artist 7 and Cubase Elements 7! Here is what’s new:



  • • Key Commands to select Control Link groups
    • Key Commands for Channel and Rack configurations
    • EQ/Filter transition option


  • • Channel configuration display (2.0, 5.1 etc.)
    • Folder tracks: “Colorize Track Controls” support


  • • Improved track selection
    • Generic Remote Editor improvements

Issues resolved:*


  • • Switching between project no longer resizes the projects.
    • Texts related to Insert slots no longer mask each other when hovering over the slots.
    • The preset names of insert effects are now displayed correctly.
    • When closing a folder in MixConsole, which contained a selected track, Track 01 is no longer accidently selected.
    • Tracks in the Zones section can now be scrolled/selected correctly, even if the track list exceeds the Zone section window length.
    • The channel width can no longer be smaller than the given minimal size.
    • The commands “Deselect/Select all” now works correctly for all channel types and across linked MixConsoles.
    • The name of insert effects are no longer cut-off, instead they are shown correctly now.
    • The track height setting is now saved correctly with the project file.
    • Channel strip module sections can now be expanded even if the respective tracks are frozen.
    • Linking properties are now fully considered when freezing tracks.
    • When resizing MixConsole, pictures and notes will remain visible.
    • Entering channel numbers now works as expected.
    • The word-reduction algorithm now displays readable characters at the end of the track name field at all times.
    • All functions of the channel strip’s context menu now work correctly.
    • The ALT+SHIFT command related to solo defeat now works as expected.
    • AUTOMATION: Automation parameters related to the REVerence reverb are now considered in offline bounce (non-real-time export).


  • • OS X: Continuous repeating performance spikes do no longer occur.
    • PPQ length is no longer affected by the song tempo when applying Logical Editor presets.
    • Key commands for Control Link groups work as expected.
    • Another issue when closing the application has been resolved (“Waiting for Video service”).
    • Using pedal sustain (down) and playing the first note on no longer causes hanging notes.
    • The color tool can now be accessed via key commands.
    • Routing of multiple tracks now works correctly with SHIFT + command.)
    • Resaving of pre-v7 Projects using MPEX3 offline timestretch does no longer lead to corrupted project files.


  • • NUAGE: In the center section, it is now possible to select multiple events.
    • NUAGE: Scrolling a large number of tracks within the mixer works now seamlessly.
    • On EuCon and WK-Audio remote control surfaces, fade in and fade out now work correctly in Edit Mode.


  • • The width parameter of the Phaser plug-in now works correctly.
    • VST Amp Rack tuner now works more precisely.

_ Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7 or Cubase Elements 7._*

The 7.0.5 updates will be available from June 27, 2013 on as a free download.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Wonderful. Thanks Steinberg :slight_smile:

nice :smiley: thank you.


Thanks! :slight_smile: key commands for Different Mixer views is going to be pretty amazing

Any word on ISSUE CONFIRMED: 7.0.4 - MixConsole Meter resizing issue

I am impressed with the continued corrections, updating and their related timeliness. Thank you! CS.

Wauu … this is a surprise. Thanks Steinberg

Generic Remote Editor improvements

I hope this will include Channel Strip generic control possibilities.


You guys are on it! Sending much Aloha!

Thanks for update.

Is issue Cubase 7 64 bit crash/no sound - when insert external effect fixed ?

NICE! :slight_smile:

I see no mention of this. It is a major issue for me. Wastes time every time I open or start a new project.

tks! :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley:
what about more mixconsole color management ?
wish u consider controlling Brightness\contrast for MC ,fonts being dark gray on dark gray surface (on buttons of control room section and mute solo W R buttons) etc…
anyway nice quick updates. :exclamation:

Thanks for the hard work.

ps: Would be nice if in 7.0.6 is added the option of colorize channel in the mixer. :unamused:

This is why after all these years I stay with Steinberg , the constant updates !!!

Great birthday present Steinberg ,good work :wink:

on the ball again … thanks in advance :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Global presets for Mix Console configurations in the next one, please :wink:

Thanks for the update.

Hopefully, the mix console zoom will be optional in 7.06…

Looks good, performance spikes have been addressed.

Lots of other complaints, but with the quick releases of these maintenance updates I’m confident the still rough around the edges Mix Console will be fixed.

For myself as a Mac user Cubase 7 literally was UNUSABLE until May 17 2013. (almost 6 months after I initially purchased Cubase 7) I as a user since SX 2.2 had never seen such poor performance in an initial offering of a new version of Cubase. So while the performance on Mac needs some help. And Mix console is still pretty ugly unless I attempt to dumb it down to just Inputs/Inserts/Sends.

Thanks for doing what you can in the meantime. :smiley:

P.S. Make that dang CPU/disk performance meter SMALLER! (like in 6.5 etc) :imp: