Project info - where to store date of publication

Hi everyone, I’m on Dorico Pro 3.5.12 and have been trying to find a suitable place to store the date of publication for one of my music scores. The date is not the same as the date of composition. There isn’t a specific field for date of publishing so I’ve used ‘Other information’ instead. There is also a space entitled ‘Composer Dates’ but I’m not sure what its intended purpose is. I can see how this could become complicated for the developers if they were to accommodate different dates for revised or later editions. It’s not a major problem as things stand but I’d like to see a publishing date tag included.

A while back I suggested user-definable fields (or multiple “others”) for this very reason. Other is the right choice for now.


Thanks and good call. Agree user definable fields would be a great addition.

Isn’t Composer Dates the composer’s birth and death year? That’s quite often included, at least if both have happened.

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Ah yes, of course. It’s obvious now. Not something I intend using as I’m only using Dorico while I’m alive. :slight_smile:

What if only the latter happened? :wink:

I couldn’t possibly comment.

That could come in handy for decomposing.

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The composer must be living their life backwards. Does that mean they would compose in retrograde?

Dear forum moderators, I take no responsibility for the deterioration of this post! :wink: