Project length (not a bug)

Anyone else suffering with the project length bug which resets project length to a million years every time you do anything? Or am I missing a fix?

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Could you be more specific, please? Any step by step description, please?

Of course.
The Project Length appears to be huge (18.12:27:47:09) and when I change it in Project settings to something reasonable such as 6 minutes, every time I make any kind of edit, it reverts back to massive. This means I cannot use my Zoom-Full quick Key which I tend to use a lot.

Any thoughts on this most welcome.

Cubase 11.0.40
MacPro 3Ghz 8 core Late 2013 64GbRAM
Catalina 10.15.7

There’s probably some event near the end of the project timeline. Could be any type of event, automation would be one example.

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Now I’ve finished working for the day, I’ve had a good look and did indeed find a spurious tempo marker 18 days away! Lord knows how it got there. Anyway, thanks for your swift replies and sorry for the time wasting.

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