Project Logical Editor - Can't Delete Volume Automation?

I’m trying to create a Project Logical Editor command to delete specific types of automation. I have this one setup (I think it was actually a factory preset) to delete volume automation, but on my system it does nothing when I apply:

Is this a bug or a problem with my implementation?

The close parenthesis is missing from the first clause.

Thanks, but it’s still not working.

UPDATE: Removing all parenthesis helped. I guess I need to read up on how these work. These are new for 12?


It works like algebra logic.

Could you kindly walk me through how to create a preset that deletes volume automation on the selected tracks only?

Have you had a look at the factory presets? there are very similar ones to what you’re needing to do. I can help more, but not at the moment, sorry.

Well that took no time actually. This is the factory preset
I just added Name contains Volume at the bottom

Thanks for this. I was stuck in the “Earlier Presets” section of the new menu system and couldn’t find my way to the new factory presets list. Figuring it all out now :slight_smile:

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