Project Logical Editor: New Functions, Modernize Preset Menu/GUI, Fixes, and a MetaGrid type button board

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As stated, this would be useful for creating a Key Command matrix for PLE/Macro scripts

Key Command / Function Request

Select Tracks of Selected Events
Selects the tracks of which have events

I came across an instance of needing a function like this when writing an AutoHotKey -> Cubase Macro script.

I think this could actually be very useful in other more basic PLE / Macro scenarios (ones that don’t require AutoHotkey)

Basically the only way to emulate this, is by enabling preference ‘Track Selection Follows Event Selection’ - but, because this is a toggle preference, it is not very dependable in scripts, and secondly, leaving that preference on sometimes clashes with other preferences and scripts.

The other option, is

PLE Filter Target: 'Has Data Selected'

This would allow PLE to select tracks only with data that is selected


WHOPS, threads so long I forgot I already requested this lol

Target Operation

Connect Selected To:

Protocol for connecting Tracks to FX and Group Channels.

For example:

MediaTypeIs | Equal | Audio
Container Type | Equal | Track
Property | Is Set | Event is Selected

Track Operation | Connect Unused Send | Param 1 | Param 2

Param options:
Name -> Param2: __________ (entry)
Name Contains -> Param2: __________ (entry)
Track # -> Param2: > Param2: __________ (entry) (or Track # list?)
Plugin-Name -> Param2: Plugin List

– Could list all Sends in operation ontop of ‘Unused Send’ ie

Unused Send
Send 1
Send 2
Send 3
Send 4
Send 5
Send 6
Send 7
Send 8

Same idea could be used for changing track direct outputs ‘Connect Direct Output’ | Name Contains, etc


The above could potentially be accomplished a different way, ie

You select an FX track and then the script targets tracks to be connected to it.

MediaTypeIs | Equal | Audio
Container Type | Equal | Track
Name | Contains | Voc

Track Operation | Connect To Selected | Unused Send | -6db

and another way, more similar to first

Whichever way, this could allow for some very quick, streamlined, routing. Especially for people who have detailed templates with FX tracks already created and named. Users in many instances, would never have to open up their sends routing, as this type of PLE preset could be hotkeyed, even macro combined with other track selection based PLEs.

Proper 'Tab' through protocol/functionality

Upon opening PLE Window, hitting tab once, only cues the header description space. It goes no further - doesn’t enter into the actual script portion.

If this could be done, a scripting program like AutoHotkey could be used to tab to the, for example, name replacement fields