Project Notepad - Text Font and Size?

Please make options for changing Font and Size of a text. Really need for vocal sessions.

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Wavelab has full text editing functions, which I use all the time, so it would be super nice to see that in Cubase, too.

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Move your mouse on the Project Notepad window, and with CTRL and the mouse wheel, you can control the font size. :slight_smile:

Nope. It doesn’t work

Yep, but the font size chosen isn’t saved after leaving the channel notepad, this, in both the project and MixConsole windows. So, the ctrl + [mouse wheel] combination can be an useful tool for editing, but nothing further…

If you are on Mac is CMD or Option key.
If you are on Win, perhaps you are doing something wrong.

Yes you cannot still save, my reply was referring only for changing the font size. :wink: Let’s see on C13.

I’m on mac with apple mouse and it just doesn’t work. Non project notepad no track notepad, please find attached picture. What am I doing wrong?

I am not on the computer right now i will check it soon, but be sure that you have the pointer inside the Project Notepad Dialog, and with the mouse Wheel, holding CMD or OPTION or ALT, try to scroll the mouse wheel.
Also try CMD or OPTION or ALT with the (+ or -) key of the keyboard. (I am not sure if this will work on Mac).
*I will check it later on my Mac and I will update you.

Well you are right, I tried with my Mac Laptop, and couldn’t increase the fonts.
I don’t know if someone else knows something about this.
But on PC is working 100%.

thank you! Maybe someone else could find a way for this in Mac OS…