Project synchronization setting reset when MIDI Device was not connected in previous session

Steps to reproduce

  1. Connect and start a MIDI Device (i.e. Instrument / Interface)
  2. Open/create a project in Cubase
  3. Go to Project synchronization setup => Destination
  4. At MIDI Clock Synchronization => select the Device => Click OK
  5. Save the project
  6. Close Cubase
  7. Disconnect the MIDI device
  8. Run Cubase => open the project
  9. Close Cubase without saving the project
  10. Connect the MIDI device again
  11. Run Cubase => open the project
  12. Go to the Project synchronization setup => Destination

=> The device is not selected anymore

Current Behavior

There is an issue in Cubase 11 and 12 with the project synchronization destination setup.

  • WHEN Midi Clock was set for an instrument via MIDI as destination and the project was saved
  • AND Cubase will be started again and project will be loaded when MIDI Device was not connected
  • AND another time Cubase will be started and project will be opened again with the MIDI device connected
  • THEN the setting is removed and you need to set it again in the project

Tested with Cubase Pro 11 and Pro 12 on macOS Big Sur and Monterey with Apple M1 and with or without Rosetta.

This is not an issue in Ableton Live 11 and Logic Studio, in these DAWs the setting is called properly even when it wasn’t connected in a previous session.

Expected Behaviour

When a MIDI device is connected, the setting is recalled as it was once set up in the project. It is not reset if the project was opened without the midi device.


When will this be fixed? it is still happening on current Cubase 12 version 12.0.52.

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Any news here when we can have this improvement/fix?