Project window on 2 screens?

Hi all,
Is there a way to have my project window on 2 screens ?
Because, I have an offset of the project window between the two screens

Due of multi screen desegreements, I can’t have my cubase project windows on 2 screen with perfect aligment.

The idea is to be able to expand cubase windows main title bar on both screens, the, if I expand the windows project, it will follow the main cubase windows title bar… ^^

Does anyone get any clue / solution ?

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Thanks for your advices :wink:


That happens when screens have different resolutions. The ideal is to have two identical screens, if you can, or at least thow screens with same resolution.

You’re right I forget ti precise it but : The 2 screen are the same model / trade @ 1920/1200 each. of course.
And the Idea will be to have this amazing cubase titlebar on the 2 screen an to be able to expand on both screens the project / arrgengement page. :slight_smile:

Yes you can do this and it is quite useful. I recommend when you get it working to set it as a Workspace. But I don’t have any suggestions about the weirdness you are seeing. What happens when you drag a Window from another program over the screen boundaries?

Yes you can do this and it is quite useful. I recommend when you get it working to set it as a Workspace.
ok, Riano, that’s the thing I didn’t know how to manage…
Got to learn on workspace I guess ^^

What happens when you drag a Window from another program over the screen boundaries?
The problem was only with cubase, not wuth other programs.
But you should have seen my answer to yours, I fond aligment solution while unplunnging all my screens.

But I still have to look around to expand my cubase title bar on 2 screen.
For me title bar is magnetised by top left or top right screen not able to be on both.

if you got a small tuto, i’m interested :slight_smile:

Are the monitors aligned in Windows display settings?

Yeap of course, I exagerate disaligment for picture :wink: , but I have 1 cm un-alligment @ best.

Are those monitors angled or straight where they meet? Your photo looks kinda confusing, so it is hard to see what is going on. Is it just a vertical misalignment? Can you post a screenshot of the 2 monitors instead of a photo.

Perhaps a screenshot of your Windows display settings would help.

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@first thanks for all your replies :wink: :ok_hand:

I found an approximative solution after your questions and suggestions :

  • I only talk about my 2 mains front screens cause I didn’t understood that other could be involved whereas my projet/arrengement window was no on them.

  • I’ve got 4 Screens, and the problem was that the 2 mains wich I wanted to have all my project/arrengement page on and who was not aligned.

I’v got

  • 2 Identical screens / brand @ 1920x1200 for Arrangement page
  • 2 differents screens @ 1920x1020, One screentouch for Mix Consol, One other for VSTi editing.

So, I Unplugged ALL the 1920x1020 screens :

  • then, widows re align by itself the 2 mains front screens 4 Arrgement/project page. (see attached file , capture screen)

Then I replugged each other 1920/1020 screen one by one et now it’s ok. :slight_smile:

The greatest solution would be to have the cubase maine title bar on my 2 front screens, isn’t’ ?

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OK I see what you trying to do now. The main Cubase Title bar cannot be stretched across more than one monitor. So arranging your Windows like this will always have that gap. I’m also using 4 monitors (although all the same resolution which makes stuff easier than when I had mixed resolutions). Let’s refer to them left to right as 1, 2, 3 & 4 - so 2 & 3 are my 2 front screens. This is how I arranged it to avoid the gap. Monitor 1 is where the Windows Taskbar (which can also cause a gap in the same way) and the Cubase Title bar are. Then I can stretch my Project, MixConsole and other Windows over any combo monitors 2-4 without causing a gap. As long as I don’t try and stretch anything across monitors 1 & 2 there is no gap. Assigning these to Workspaces let’s you easily recall them. Here are the various combos I use. If the name shows a number then that monitor is empty (for only a moment of course).


You might find this thread interesting

Sorry about it, I made another subject cause I tought “expand title bar over tow screen” was more clear and interresting :wink:

yes I thought about it and test it yesterday :

  • in my case / setup , it’s mean that windows task bar and main cubase title bar are… on the screen down which is my touch screen wish is a bit sad…

reason why I want to expand this damed cibase title bar ! lol :slight_smile: ;), but you told me that’s impossible, what I sadly saw by myself too … ,(

I also tried to manage workspaces, but I’m not again found of it cause it recalls also all aother windows, which is the main goal, I know, but not my wisch / purpose here.

Thanks again for your answers and help ! :ok_hand: :call_me_hand: :wink:

Windows should let you designate any of your monitors as the main one. I had mine set to monitor 2 for ages before I realized the advantages of moving it to monitor 1.

Regarding Workspaces, for most of mine the only Windows in them are the Project & Mixconsole to specifically avoid them opening any other Windows. The empty screens are where I typically open editors, plug-ins, etc.