Propagating part formatting skips the condensing options

Hello Dorico team!

When propagating part formatting, the condensing options seems to be excluded from the propagation. Perhaps there is a logical reason for this that I don’t see, but in case there isn’t I’m letting you know if you don’t know already.

All the best!

Probably because in most cases people do not want condensing automatically applied to parts. For something (like a percussion score?) one can always specify that in the individual layout.

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Yes, that is what I thought might be the reason behind this. However, I recently wanted to propagate the layout options including the condensing options, hence the question.

(Actually, I wanted to duplicate an entire layout, but since this is not yet possible and apparently also non trivial to implement according to this post, the best approach would probably be the propagation approach.)

You cannot in general duplicate the condensing options – things like which players should be included in condensing groups or excluded from condensing – because those kinds of player-specific layout options cannot be applied to other layouts.

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That makes perfect sense, except that the three topmost condensing options, unless I am mistaken, are the same for all layouts and would therefore not be logically prevented to be propagated.

Does it really make sense to propagate those options if the options for which players in the layout cannot be propagated? I don’t think so.

I can see that it would probably be no in general, but in this particular case where I essentially wanted to duplicate an entire layout as a starting point, it makes perfect sense.

Yes, but obviously what you really need is a feature to duplicate the layout entirely. If such a feature existed, then it would of course also make sense to duplicate all of the layout options. Propagate Part Formatting is not a feature to duplicate a layout, as you know.

Yes, of course a duplicating feature would be much more adequate, and if such a feature existed I can’t really imagine a real world case where I would ever need to propagate the condensing options. It just felt weird that not all layout options were propagated in my particular case where I tried to circumvent the lack of a layout duplication feature. But I guess it won’t matter once that’s implemented. :slight_smile: