ProTools 11 announced

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I love Cubase bur C7 should have been a completely rewritten 64 bit only program. As it is now i can almost feel old code struggle to hand realtime audio and the new GUI/function. I hope ProTools11 but pressure on Steinberg to do it right.

so tempting…

PT11 feature set has certainly taken me by surprise.

and apparently they have gone for core functionality instead of toys !!!

Hmmm… well…

I don’t want to temper enthusiasm, but has somebody actually worked with this new version of Protools in a non-ideal working environment? You see - that’s the moment all gremlins and anomaly’s emerge. Announcing something or even get a hands-on, is not the same as working with the application from day to day.

Look at Cubase 7. At announcing time everything looked great and rosy, but when thrown at thousands of different configurations (nobody has an exact copy of another one’s system - except for some very rare cloned systems) the problems for some software configurations became manifest.

I predict the same thing will happen for Protools. Everyone thinking that this will not happen, has never used complex software or is dangerously optimistic. The main question is not IF there will be problems, but mainly how big they will be…

I happened to Cakewalk’s Sonar X versions, it happened to Ableton Live 8/9 and Cubase 7, so it would be a big surprise if it would not happen to Protools 11.

So - I will temper (at least my own) enthusiasm, until the application has been used intensively on thousands of different configured systems, by thousands of different users (that all have a different workflow) for a few weeks to months. After that period it is time to decide if Protools 11 is stable and usable enough.

We have to wait and se. It will be released in the end of june. I like that it hase fresh code but all the same functions. A few new like the different meters and plugin cpu friendly. These function is already in Cubase 7. I like Everything about C7 except the old code. Steinberg needs to do a SX3>Cubase 4 move. The Project, vst Connections, preferences. Its all code from late 90s. Whats new in mixconsole. Mixconsole would be great if it was connected with fresh code. As now its almost like “vst bridge” between old and new code. > Bugs.

64bit Code

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Come on Avid - catch up!!!

“64 bit only program”? Excuse my ignorance, but during my years as a software engineer I have never heard how you could write a “64 bit only program”. But because you obviously have greater knowledge on computer science, you can educate me.

I had mentioned this in an earlier post. My only DAW now is Cubase and has been so for the last eight or nine years. I do not record to earn a living but more as a very passionate pastime. I decided to look into avid forums and after reading so many pages of complaints I realized it was a parallel to Cubase with regards to problems and disgruntled users. And as JClosed stated…
“has somebody actually worked with this new version of Protools in a non-ideal working environment? You see - that’s the moment all gremlins and anomaly’s emerge. Announcing something or even get a hands-on, is not the same as working with the application from day to day.”
It just seems as though history dictates there will be issues regardless. And whether they exist here at Cubase or over at ProTools , it is going to be a major problem for someone. The variables in computer set up alone almost guarantee that, unless it is the most refined software. The video sure sounds promising but most announcements will

Still no VST support. RTAS is dead and AAX a non-starter, everybody I know who has PT bought VEP just to use VST’s. PT is still NOT a musician-friendly DAW.

This is meaningless.

Steinberg needs to focus on accessibility of Cubase’s already-amazing functionality, not rewriting what has already been written.


They surely need to add VST support !

to me it’s not all about the features ,it’s about stability ,and a system to work .We will see how PT 11 will perform,but for one thing I am sure that it will work great on OSX-Mac platform.
I love Cubase but changing the way you are used ,and worked at least a year ago to something new (and not consistent inside the arrange window and mixer)which is still buggy and you need to look for new icons ,shortcuts,this and that …is really a mess,also the performance in osx is not that good.
What i like in PT they keep the feel ,look and everything on a program that you are used to ,but slowly and very steady bringing the features that users are asking for.
I wish that Cubase will follow or grow to something with this philosophy (Not to become PT),but make once and for all a beautiful GUI (Mixer and Arrange window to make more sense and connection btw them) and just keep it like that for a long time ,and add the features requested by the users slowly but bug free and not bloating the software .

I can make shitty music in Cubase 7, and record some less shitty music in Cubase 7

If I buy Profools11, I will be less shitty?

I was an Avid customer since 2006. Their support is THE worst and you will pay quite a bit for it. The new forums are now policed by no less than 20 moderators who are quite nasty towards the users - even when unprovoked.

Avid’s recent business maneuverings have made it quite clear that they are catering towards their pro user base and no one else is invited.

With a new CEO, who is to say Avid won’t tether their hardware to the software again (not to mention their mounting legal hassles - 12 firms and counting for a class action lawsuit and a possible de-listing from NASDAQ).

As a customer you will pay and pay, like certain “religions” and pyramid schemes.

Cubase 7 runs rings around and around “pro tools” - even on a Mac. And my experience with Steinberg Support has been wonderful.

Not to mention it costs an arm and a leg to add surround capabilities…

Sorry, no more Complete Production Tool Kit licenses. It is either vanilla PT11 or PT11HD. No surround in PT11 vanilla.

Oh an be sure you check the heavy handed Avid system requirements for PT11 and PT11HD: :open_mouth:

I have to admit that I’ve been taken in by the excitement of a new Pro Tools that finally handles virtual instruments. But this concern you mention above concerns me as well. The $700 version is talked about as if it were entry level software. That is a hefty price tag to be treated as if you were a small fry. The studio-pros-as-moderators seems to be a part of this. As a user, you are to be excited that the pros are willing to give you attention, even if you just get to eat the pretzels.

But, that would be worth it still, were it not for other forces in the marketplace that also concern me about jumping on board the good ship Avid. Disruptive innovations can rock markets. These disruptions can be headed off if met (i.e. Celeron processors kept low end profits flowing to Intel rather than allowing newer companies to take that market). Is the $700 Pro Tools enough to protect that end of the market for Avid? I know that studio owners can’t imagine a world without Pro Tools, but that’s the story with every disrupted market.

And frankly, all I want is Steinberg to take care of its multi-window mess and give us multi-out instrument tracks. I theorize that it would be nice to learn Pro Tools as a resume bullet point were I ever to seek out an audio engineer career, even though the likelihood of following that path is remote.

Those are my thoughts on it. Worth about 1/2 a cent, or maybe 1/4.

Claurence - amen!

I too would like Steinberg to focus on enhancing Cubase to even greater heights. And who knows, maybe multi-windows will be en vogue again in the future. :wink: