Provide search functionality for any possible action/preference

Often I know that something is possible in Cubase, but I forgot whether it’s achieved though setting some preference or clicking some menu item (and where exactly this menu item is).

It would be helpful to have search functionality for this, yielding simple text search results for partial search phrases

I second that! I think we can also take this a step farther by enabling to assign & change key commands on the go.
A good example of a software that does that is IntelliJ IDEA, where you can press Ctrl+Shift+A at any moment and a modal appear enabling you to search any action OR preference entry:

And the greatest think about this feature is that you can press Alt+Enter to simply change / assign the key command. That feature is so powerful and time saving that you often don’t even need to key commands, but it’s still very fast and easy to assign them.

Please take this into consideration. I think it’s gonna be a huge boost to UX and productivity.