Pulse Generator (Impulse)

Is there an pulse generator included with N12 or do I need to use an external waveform generator.

Pulses are great for playing with verbs, especially single shot…s


I don’t know, if this is what you are searching for. There is the TestGenerator, where you can setup several curves, including Square. The lowest frequency comes from 1.0Hz.

I saw that - the 1Hz square might work. I am used to a pulse which is just that, a positive going click. Triggered…

There is an old, but incredibly useful freeware plug-in bundle from MDA that includes a test-tone generator which will also produce impulses and sine sweeps.

That said, I found (as a developer of reverb- and spatialisation tools) that it’s much more telling to test reverb with pink noise bursts of 200 to 300 ms, either as a mono source, or completely de-correlated stereo. Just make sure to fade-in/out the burst to avoid artefacts.


Hi Dietz - I totally agree. The question is where to get the envelope generator to make the impulses. My Eventide H8000 has one but no pink noise. Is there a way to make it and trigger it in N12?

PS what attack and decay times do you use…s

No decay. Most of the time I use a tremolator (i.e. a LFO-driven “VCA”, for us old-timers) with a square shape and smoothen the edges a bit:

… that’s from the aforementioned Melda Productions Free FX Bundle (which I own in its payed version, though). If you have already installed it, just import the following track-archive of mine to get hold of “my” bursts:

Nuendo12MeldaBursts_byDietz.xml (131.7 KB)

Save it as aFX Chaín preset to keep it available quickly.

I’ve also had situations where I simply bounced 1 minute of stochastic pink noise, chopped the file into as many 200ms chunks as possible (Alt-scissor tool!), applied 1 ms fades to all ends and spread those bits across an audio channel.



Thank you. Will download when I get my mac…s

The bundle looks interesting. I will download and pay for it.

Do you know if the MBandPass is iir or fir? …s

Uh - no idea. Maybe ask Melda directly …? Their documentation doesn’t mention any linear phase behaviour, AFAICS:


… but Nuendo’s own “Frequency” EQ offers steep linear phase filters:

Can it be set up as a 6-pole bandpass filter.?