Put .Bak Auto Saves in A Separate Folder

I’d really really like to have an option of putting backup files into a separate folder. When I have multiple versions of a project (and therefore multiple sets of .bak files) it makes folder organization really cumbersome.

Separate folders for backups is how almost any other program I can think of works (Logic, Sibelius, Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere) and it seems like a better way to go.

yes +1


On the Mac I use Hazel to auto move these files. Unfortunately Hazel doesn’t let you look for a file extension and keep the latest one in the root level which would be nice since Cubase looks for this if you had a crash, just one extra step if you did loose some work.

Check out Backup File Organiser if you are on Windows.

For Hazel if you are using it directly on the project folder change the folder depth to 0. I have a folder that I keep all of my Cubase projects in and then have it go one folder deeper which is each project folder.
Hazel - Rule 1.jpg
Hazel - Rule 2.jpg