Question about bar repeat regions in parts and not in full score

Dear Doricians,

I am working on a piece of music that has no repeat bar regions (%) in the full score, but I would like to use those in the parts. This is how it is displayed in the original edition and I was wondering wether Dorico could do that. It seems it does not, as there is no option to show/hide bar repeats according to the Layout… Any idea ?

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I think this is a situation where your only real solution is to use one set of players for the score and another for the parts.

Thanks Leo!
That’s what I (feared) thought… Well, I think sometime ahead our beloved team will bring us this kind of option (useful to gain some space, as condensing will be). I give up the idea to follow strictly the original edition and that’s all :wink:

By way of a compromise, you could repeat the notes throughout, use bar repeat regions for the numbering, hide the bar repeat symbol (as described here: How would you number repeated bars for the performer - #9 by pianoleo - Dorico - Steinberg Forums) then hide the bar repeat numbers in the score (colour them white, scale them to 1% or similar).

Has there been any expansion in the bar repeat options with recent updates/upgrades?

I’m wondering if it is possible to display a 2 bar repeat in a part, but keep the notes displayed in the score…?

I can add a 2 bar repeat into a part - it appears as it should in the measures, but the notes remain as well. Can the notes be hidden in the bars with the 2 bar repeat in a part?

Any ideas? (I’m not fully understanding the idea of using different players for parts and score from a previous post in this thread)


I am wondering whether there’s a setting in Layout options to prevent from showing bar repeats (as for multi rests)
If it were implemented that would be the first place I’d look (Layout options > Player)
I am far from my computer so I cannot check

No, there are no additional options for 2- and 4-bar repeats in Dorico 3.

Resurrecting here, to find out if an option exists. I have a tune for which I can use a repeat section at the outro chorus because all parts are identical…except the guitar. So I want the guitar chart to have no repeats so that I can show a different part on the second pass. Is this possible? I’m guessing that since it technically involves more bars in one part than another, the answer will be ‘no, easiest to just make a separate chart for guitar’?

Not possible as of yet, no.

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In my experience, it is fairly standard practice to show bar repeat marks in parts - where saving space is essential to minimize page turns - but have everything fully written out in the score. I wish that this were possible without an awkward workaround.

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This point has been made numerous times over the years…

My workaround: Create an additional player; copy all the material across; remove the additional player from the score layout; remove the original part layout; edit the new player part layout to suit.
(Yes it is tedious and time-consuming, but it works)

Welcome to Dorico! :melting_face:

Has there been any development on this subject? I acknowledge the work-arounds above, but I’d love to know if a simpler way was planned.

Regrettably not.

Has this been solved so far?

Since no software upgrade has come out since the previous post in August, the answer is no; it has not been implemented yet.


Chiming in here. I would also find this feature very useful. The workaround from @Janus seems to be the best option still, but it is quite tedious, especially if the part has divisi.

Hi Janus - This is not working for me. i create the new player/layout and copy over. The new player is only on the single dedicate layout. But as soon as I add a repeat bar to the new player that repeat bar appears on all layouts. I tried setting properties to local before adding the repeat bar but no luck. Thoughts?

  1. Enter Write mode in the full score layout.
  2. Remove repeats using Shift + B and uncheck “Show in full score.”
  3. Switch to the part layout.
  4. Customize repeats in parts using Shift + B.
  5. Update layouts if needed.