Question: Can you listen to mono, stereo, and the sides signals of a mix separately?

In this video at 5:30, the producer only listens to certain signals in the mix. He uses Cubase.

How to achieve that? is it a plugin or stock feature in Cubase?


i Ask similar question but didn’t have luck for soloing the side channel. There you have how I did for the mono.

Control Room for Mono / Stereo
Voxengo MSED for mid / side signal.

Thanks for the link. I kinda figured the mono signal but the sides are the most important. I really dont want to use Voxengo. it seems in the video it was stock feature. Please if you came across a solution please keep me updates.

is that the only way to use Voxengo?

Try it and see. It’s free.

Try this:

I tried the bx_solo, it is really counter productive because the window has to be active. I cant trigger the solos with a key commands for quick work flow.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Rightio – I don’t find bx_solo counterproductive. I didn’t watch the video you link to, but maybe ask the author.

It is possible in stock Cubase without 3rd party plugins :slight_smile:

You need two plugins: Mix6To2 and MonoToStereo

With Mix6To2 you invert the phase of one of the stereo Channels (left for example). With MonoToStereo you make the whole channel mono and therby cancel out the mids. All that remains is the side signal.

Hope this helps :smiley:
Side - Stereo Out.PNG

3rd party: Melda Productions - I think every plug-in they sell, and probably their free ones also? let you listen not only to Mono/Stereo, and Mid/Side, but also Left Only, Right Only. Amazing options.

Mix6To2 and MonoToStereo, melda, voxengo msed etc can they be triggered via keyboard shortcut or macro somehow?

I don’t know a way to assign this to a shortcut. Would be nice :slight_smile:

You can put those plugins on the master out or the control room. Put the control room to the right tap and you can always listen to the sides with one click.