[QUESTION] Half speed playback - is this possible?

I saw in Avid ProTools web tutorials about film sound design cool feature that you can temporarily slow down playback speed and I am wondering if is this possible in Nuendo?

I have not found it in manual.

Why I want this: When I am looking/working with video I am adding markers to important/interesting parts by custom defined shortcut (after that I add note/marker name and use it as memos and project orientation) - but sometimes video (actions performed on video) are too fast :slight_smile:

If this is not possible what is your workaround for this? (i.e. adding markers for footsteps, gun fires etc.)

Thanks for any advice

Not in front of the workstation but I believe it was possible in N.5.x, so it should be. I found it under Key Commands>Transport when I used it. John.

Thanks for smart tip.

I have tried it but when I bind key-command to shuffle 1/2 speed I need to hold down this shortcut to play 1/2 speed - and I am unable to do anything else.

It doensโ€™t latch with the keyboard but it does if you use a controller for the shortcut.
One press 1/2 speed. Another press, back to normal speed for instance.

I needed this same feature for doing audio book proofing, and was shown a workaround by a helpful user.
Check out this thread.


Hope this helps.

Thanks all for support. Great tips.