[Question] Lemur/TouchOsc - how to make them update values from cubase?

Task: When I select a new channel in cubase, I need the volume fader value in lemur/touchosc to be automatically set as in cubase.
Right now i can only send value to Cubase, but not update it in lemur.
I see Cubase send values, but Lemur/TouchOSC doesn’t update fader position.

Setted via Midi Remote interface in Cubase

Similar functionality in MCU device, there the volume fader is automatically set according to the selected channel.

Weird. Is the “receive” checkbox on touchosc message checked?

I stooed using lemur for a while since it’s not developped anymore. So i can’t say.

Do you use touchOsc or touchOsc mk1? The newer version has a midi monitor included.

I’m using TouchOsc old version, in cubase and midi monitor (Protokol by Hexler) i see midi activity from Cubase, but touchosc doesn’t update fader value.

UPD: solution How to deal with motorised faders