Question on needed drum notation improvements

Hi, some years ago I tried to explain what is needed if there is a seriously ment ambition to save time when producing drum parts that are as short as possible (to strive for avoiding page turns) without losing significant information.

I know many others were also looking for some of these features but Daniel S instructed me to not be hopeful. I just went through the 5.1 change overview video and nothing about this was mentioned. I have looked through some earlier change overview videos as well with no happy results. But I haven’t looked at all of them since I wrote something here last time, so I really hope that the features are there now even if I haven’t seen them yet.

The by far largest time saver would be a " multimeasure play" function that I can configure to - with a high degree of automization - consistently produce results like this:

Some way or another, such notation must also be reflected in the score. I have made som proposals in another post in this forum.

Also I wonder if it is now possible to enter drum cues without using a separate “dummy” staff (which I am still doing, then shift-U [cue], then hide the label). This is not the worst part, it takes some extra seconds for each spot but OK as a workaround. Still I would expect a better way of entering (and editing) drum cue notes and to control whether cue labels should be added or not for this particular staff (most certainly “not”!). Furthermore, the result in the drum part must of course be reflected in the score to be professional and useful.



No, there’s been no change in regard to these processes as far as I know. I’d love the second one too and I’m reasonably sure it will happen one day.

I submitted two feature requests on these topics today; Feature request: improved drums cue note support and Feature request: Multimeasure play (elaborate version).