Quick question: Why does adding a cue flip the stems in the staff?

I made a little GIF:
Cue flips stems



I’ve noticed that too, especially with rhythmic cues like yours… Not what I would have expected!

Possibly because Cues are notes in a different voice.

Yes. But when they are set to be rhythmic cues (above the staff by default), it would be cool to have the voices inside the staff to try and not collide with it. My experience has been the exact opposite (and I know YMMV depending on the content of the music).


Agreed. I’ve chimed in on other threads about this, and it’s why I find rhythmic cues to be incredibly inefficient. I cannot imagine a situation in which one would want stems in the staff to behave other than normally when a cue appears above the staff. We need an option for this in the properties panel.

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I had a related problem before. As @benwiggy says, this happens because, in practice, they are in different voices and, where there are more than 2 voices, each one stem direction is determined by the voice stem direction.
I’ve had a related problem before with this some time ago: