R.i.p. Cubase 8.5-10.5 and some others

Steinberg announces today that it is discontinuing its technical support for the following products as of October 1, 2022.

• Absolute Collection 1-4
Cubase 8.5-10.5
• Dorico 2
• Groove Agent 4
• HALion 5
• HALion Sonic 2
• Neo Soul Keys
• Nuendo 8-10
• Nuendo Live 1
Padshop (Pro)
Retrologue 1
• SpectraLayers 6-7
• WaveLab 9-9.5
CMC Series
• CI Series
• MR816 X/CSX

It feels like just last month some of these were sold to us as New and stuff we needed to have… :woozy_face:
Time flies, things die but hey…sleep easy knowing some bugs remain.


Check your calendar on that point @theRoyal1

For example, Absolute 4 was released in January of 2015, 3 1/2 years ago.

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They should do a End Of Life upgrade sale.

There is no company that can continue supports their old plugins/ program Etc…
We know exactly how much effort made in supporting latest versions

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Oh I see you also count time like I do. Yes… 3.5 years ago… phew just like the 90s was just 10 years ago.



That’s actually 7 1/2 years ago (!) but hey, everyone is missing the Covid years …


ha ha ha! exactly!

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Cubase 10.5 was released in Nov. of 2019…so every 2 to 2 1/2 years they’re getting rid of support? Seems like a short window. With that said I use 11 and have never needed support. I jumped into Cubase with 10 and have never had any problems. Haven’t decided about going to 12, I see problems with the new activation scheme as opposed to the eLic that has never been a problem here…in fact it’s made my machine switches easy peasy! :slight_smile:



This is a bit of a special situation. Steinberg typically supports old Cubase versions for a minimum of 5 years, and some plugins were supported for 10 years even after new versions were released. The Grand 3 has been around for 13 years and will probably continue to be supported for even longer.

Steinberg is basically discontinuing support for all eLicenser-based products but the last version to support the dongle. The eLicenser system and servers have become very fiddly and unreliable. Focusing on only one eLicenser-based version of each product allows them to simplify their support structure, which should lead to faster response times for everyone.

The current Steinberg Licensing-based versions will likely be supported for many years like usual.

The new system is really just as simple. Signing-in to the Steinberg Activation Manager is basically the same as connecting your dongle to your computer, and signing-out is the same as unplugging it. You can also activate your licenses on up to 3 machines simultaneously, instead of just one.

The new system also supports offline activations, which can be performed using generic USB flash drives and other removable storage devices.


I’ve got Cubase on 2 machines, just move the eLic to the one I want to use and it just works…no activation, deactivation, reactivation. I could have a catastrophic hd failure of all my hds and I could pop new ones in, reinstall Cubase and pop in my eLic and everything works! I can change hardware, lose internet, have a major Windows update, etc. and it will just work. I appreciate that!



You can activate 3 machines and I thing there’s a way in the license process, that will support a hd crash, which hopefully is extremely rare :wink:

Hopefully we will see a bunch of dongleless releases from October to December :slight_smile:

Do you mean like Ableton or Logic? Is it a coincidence that they are industry leaders?

It’s disappointing to say the least programs that even Cubase 10.5 will lose support! SMH


Some utterly bullshit. They have not supported cubase 8.5 to 10.5 for ages.
I don’t see a big problem that the ask their customers to update if they need support
but claiming a non existing support is hilarious. And they have not made any replacement system for the hardware like CMC.
Yamaha is a toy manufacturer.

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A great excuse for not porting them over to the new copy protection and thus leaving the customers having to deal with the dongle for ever if they want to continue to use what they paid for.


Must admit, in regards to Cubase I thought support was pretty much done after that final maintenance update anyway.

Absolute is a funny one though, as there’s not a great deal of difference between Absolute 4 and 5 in regards to the core elements included. As an absolute 4 owner, you are also a HALion 6/GA 5 owner. So i guess that you DO still get support?

Bit surprised to see SpectraLayers 7 on the list… it’s part of Cubase 11, after all…?


Most likely because they will be dropping support for the e-licenser in the near future, so these products by default will lack support. If SB can’t recover or help with a license, they can’t really guarantee to fully support a product either.

But then, that’d also apply to C11, thinking about it… :confused: