Rack instruments Vs. Instrument tracks

With the ability to now route multiple midi tracks to an instrument track… do we really need rack instruments any more?

What work flows are you guys using where there’s a pro to having an instrument loaded into the rack which isn’t an instrument track?

with the ability to have multiple midi tracks and multiple audio outs, do we need Instrument Tracks?

Absolutely not. (unless the issue below…see last post) has been fixed in C8.


While the feature of “save selected” may not be something you use, I believe others use it quite a bit. And “save selected” does not work for instrument tracks on the mix console. It works with all other forums such as midi, audio, etc but not instrument tracks.

I like my snide response better … Instrument tracks are unnecessary. Rack is the way to go. They just need to let us save track presets with Rack Instruments.

The only real advantage I could see is track presets with instruments. Thanks for the input guys.

Can’t they just combine the two into one ?

Only if they fix it so that instruments tracks behaved like Rack instruments.

It’s “only” the Main Output that does not work for Instrument Tracks / “Save selected Channels”.
So a workaround is to use output 2-16 until this issue is fixed. Is it fixed in C8 yet?

Aloha guys,
Just to chime in

IMHO its nice to have the availble options.


There are also no midi sends from instrument tracks.

I agree.

They both have their uses, so I don’t see either of them going away anytime soon.

Plus you need to have both of them for compatibility with older projects

I wonder if the expanded functionality added to C8 for instrument tracks are meant to encourage us to switch away from rack instruments?

I think you’re right.

That would be great if they actually provided the functions of rack instruments.

With the functionality of Instrument Tracks much improved in recent versions - I have been switching to using them almost exclusively. However, we still need options, and I would never want to see the Rack Instrument functionality removed.

I prefer instrument tracks.

I think this is the real reason. If they didn’t have both options available, a lot of users would be in a world of hurt having to rebuild archived projects whenever they pulled them out of cold storage. The bigger the projects, the bigger the headache. Working templates would have to be rebuilt too.

They’d piss off their long time professional user base big time.

My main need for Rack Instruments seems to be Native Instruments inability to sort out Kontakt’s instability in the Instrument Track. Every so often the sound goes and you have to reload the instrument which can be very annoying. It does not happen in the Rack.

I never have this problem and I use Instrument Tracks almost exclusively. This is with the Kontakt Player though.