Rack VST instruent controled with separate MIDI tracks on separate channels play simultaneously

I have set up HALion Sonic as a rack instrument. I have two instruments created. Piano is routed out Main (Out 1), and Bass is routed out Out 2. This works as expected. The Piano is responding to MIDI Channel 1, and the Bass is responding to MIDI Channel 2.

I have created two separate MIDI tracks. The MIDI Piano track is routed to the HALion Sonic rack instrument on MIDI Channel 1. The MIDI Bass track is routed to the HALion Sonic rack instrument on MIDI Channel 2.

I am using a Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 keyboard which sends MIDI out only on MIDI Channel 1. When I play the keyboard, it plays both instruments (Piano and Bass). I have verified that with MIDI Monitor.

I was under the impression that Cubase transformed the input channel (Any or 1) into whatever the MIDI channel that is selected requires.

What am I doing wrong or not understanding about how Cubase handles input MIDI?

I am using Cubase Pro 13.0.20.

Thank you!

Hi, maybe this thread would be of help:

EDIT: In the case of the MK2 you have to use the editor from inside the Komplete Kontrol standalone.

Thanks for the response, m.c. However, I think you missed the problem I was trying to describe (and solve).

I know that KKS61Mk2 only outputs on MIDI Channel 1. And I know how to, in the Komplete Kontrol software, make it so that there are different templates that can assign other channels to the keyboard, and even arbitrarily split the keyboard into multiple zones, each with its own specified MIDI channel.

My question was focused on the fact that for every MIDI track defined in Cubase, it is required that both the MIDI input port and the MIDI input channel be specified (I’ve set the input MIDI channel to 1 as that is what the KKS61Mk2 uses). And in the case of multi-timbral instruments, both the output channel (audio) and the output MIDI channel is also required. My understanding (though I now think it is incorrect) is that for each MIDI channel defined in such a way, the MIDI message coming in from the MIDI input port and MIDI input channel specified will be transformed to the MIDI output channel specified and that the audio is sent to the output channel of the multi-timbral sampler/synth that is generating the sound.

What about this understanding is incorrect? The only way I can control what I’m hearing when I play the keyboard is by enabling input monitoring and/or arm the track for record. I that the only way to do it?

Thanks again.

Hi, not really sure I understand the problem.
Here’s a screenshot of one rack with Halion Sonic and two MIDI tracks set to output to channels one and two respectively.

Whenever we select any of these two tracks, we hear the sound of the corresponding slot in Halion Sonic.
The MIDI Input is set to Any.