Re-Center Cursor In Project Window

Now with the dreadful Skinny Scroll Bars, there needs to be a way to instantly center the cursor in the center of the Project Window so that when the cursor gets too near the right hand side of the Project Window (or too near the left), one can instantly move it back to where one can comfortably edit with the mouse. Otherwise, with Follow enabled, the cursor is apt to always be in a place that is simply inconvenient for clicking.

If I understood what you want to do correctly, you could just use the Stationary Cursor, which is always centered. Click to the right of the Auto-Scroll enable button and select Stationary Cursor.

You can also toggle it on and off by using the Alt+C key command. You can use this center the cursor during playback or recording.

You can manually scroll left and right without using the scrollbars by pressing Shift + Mousewheel up or down.

Also, the cursor can be centered in most cases by a quick zoom out, zoom in, ideally with a macro assigned to a keystroke. This has the benefit of also working when playback is stopped. And, (purely personal taste), I find the stationary cursor with the moving work area content a bit dizzying.

So either way, a one keystroke solution is already here.

On the other hand, the feature request (suntower’s?) about having the cursor placed persistently toward the left side of the work area is still a good one.

Toggling the Stationary Cursor is not a solution. It creates terrible stutters depending on the situation. It works -fine- once set, but it is not something one can flip on/off in an as-needed way… especially during playback.

Absolutely! This is my number one desire for Cubase improvements. That’s not to say Suntower’s cursor-quick-center request is invalid either, but mostly I want to start out with lots of area to the right of the cursor since this is the area in which our edits almost always are applied.

Totally unacceptable. It moves the entire screen in/out which is completely distracting. Wanting the cursor to center is to -enhance- one’s concentration, no detract from it.

These suggestions are to allow me (and others who I know work as I do) to keep 100% focus on the MUSIC during playback. I don’t want -any- distractions. That’s why the Skinny Scroll Bars are such a dick punch. They force one to take -some- action which takes one’s concentration–for even a second–off the MUSIC.

With a macro, the speed with which the zoom in/out takes place makes it completely undetectable to the human eye on my 6-year-old machine with a 2560x1600 screen.

If you try it you can see for yourself.

I’ve noticed a lot more recently, not sure if the behavior has changed, but that playback position often gets much to close to right edge of the screen.
When using Zoom (ctrl-mouse wheel) in the editors I like how the zoom focuses where the mouse is, however, there is no centering aspect of this which, almost always leaves you zoomed in where you want but not centered (which IS useful).

I’m not sure if that could help but it would let one utilize the mouse + zoom function more efficiently.

Definitely not. But thanks for the effort. Really. But I know what I want. It may seem trite to you, but before the Stupid Skinny Scroll Bars I (and others I’ve spoken to) had a way of working similar to audio where we ‘watch’ playback as we listen and STOP/START hundreds of times, making micro-edits. If these edits are slowed down by even a second or two the cumulative effect is to add -hours- to the cumulative editing process. Not having a SMOOTH way to keep the project centred (as we had before the Stupid Skinny Scroll Bars) is maddening.

But if I had a re-center cursor facility, that would definitely help.


While this macro will re-center the cursor it -also- re-centers the entire Project… ie. the ruler and all objects… they all move in unison. All I want is for the CURSOR to re-center but NOT the project. The whole idea is to not have -anything- move so one doesn’t lose focus.

Hi Suntower,

In Cubase 9.5 there is a new command:
[ALT] + [SHIFT] + Left-Click anywhere in the project-window to locate.

I have set this command in Prefererences - Editing - Toolmodifiers to [CTRL] - Left Click
Works very well for me.

Hope this helps.


What is the name of this command?

Select Tool -> Set Position in the Tool Modifiers section of the Preferences window.

And this is documented exactly -where-? How did -you- find out about this?



Thanks. This could be very useful. How did you learn about this?


Page 220 of the English manual, and

You re-read the entire document in order to find this?

I don’t recall a ‘change’ doc for 9.50. I -do- recall videos for various marquee features. This is exactly the kind of thing that falls through the cracks when the product is updated. I doubt many users re-read the -entire- doc cover to cover. Most (sane) users, read any change docs or videos.

It was posted on the forum right when 9.5 came out, among other places. On that day and the next you were quite active here, maybe you read it but forgot. But I want to say that your endless complaints and snark are disingenuous. In the post above you’ve served up a favorite of yours- ask a question, then proceed, as if it had set a valid premise, to make another point. And then throw some shade too. That’s some B.S.

As an older, experienced user, you could help someone troubleshoot a problem, or figure something out. But you mainly express regret that things are not otherwise, repeat how it’s a sad state of affairs, and point out how much better it could be made- with just a few inexpensive tweaks to a couple lines of code that the powers-that-be are too oblivious to see are needed.

To get back on topic,

So you just want to change the location where playback is happening. You know about the keystroke assignable pref “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space”? Maybe alt-shift click is nicer though, because you can click anywhere in the work area and not just in empty (meaning no event is there) space. There’re other ways too.

Good find… Thanks :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Here’s a demo of the feature djw posted a while back.


I’m annoyed about the Skinny Scroll Bars. If there were a viable work-around for the way I’ve been working, I wouldn’t be annoyed.

I’m happy for all the suggestions.

You’re wrong to assume that I’m just looking for things to complain about. The simple truth is that the moment I start looking for workarounds, 95% of the time I’m going to run into a problem with the documentation. -That- (the docs) is usually the recurring theme.

Apparently some people don’t value really good documentation. But I’m pushing sixty. I don’t remember every change. I need an easy way to look for what I need to know. And a way to look for things I -don’t- know I need to know. I lose a lot of time when I can’t find something. And more than that, there is a lot in Cubase I -know- I don’t use because re-learning stuff (eg. PLE) I only mess with once a year is too much of a hassle.

I used to do -exactly- that work (technical writing) for a living and when I -nicely- point out that it’s something they can and should work on, I immediately get snippy pushback from people (sorry) such as yourself who haven’t done the work and rush to their defense with some argument like “That’s too much work! It would keep them from doing the -important- stuff!” Which I can assure you is ridiculous in any modern company of -any- size. But as an outsider I know you’ll never believe me. And there’s nothing I can do about that perception.

But to this issue, EVERY key command should be documented. And every one of those edit modifiers should be documented… for the simple reason that it would save me having to come -here- and bother people. No, they don’t need to be in the PDF, but they should at least be in the KB so that when some pillock such as me types in “cursor transport” I get that topic.