re-detecting midi devices after Cubase start

hi, if I plug in a usb device after cubase has started is it capable of re-scanning for new devices without restart?

What sort of Device is this? Is it sound card or MIDI controller…?

If this is Sound card, you can open Devices > Device Setup menu. In the VST Audio System should be the devices displayed automaticly. I have this experience myself. But most of the MIDI controllers doesn’t recognized automaticly, in the Cubase, on my computer.


midi controller/keyboard through usb

It’s a bit hit and miss for me that. Sometimes it’ll be picked up, but more often than not it’ll require a restart.
Should just keep stuff plugged in :sunglasses:

My USB midi controller never gets detected if I plug it in post-Cubase startup. It will look like it should work (all lit up etc) but it won’t be picked up by Cubase. Like Strophoid - I should just leave it plugged in.

Same here. The Novation Impulse 49 is not recognized by Cubase 8.05 after the program has been started.

USB devices are plug and play by design; is Cubase missing an appropriate mechanism to support this?

Typical BS with USB, that’s why I won’t bother with anything but good old fashion midi where it always just works.

…as long as your usb midi interface is plugged it before cubase starts…

yes, cubase is missing an appropriate mechanism: listen to plug’n play notifications and react accordingly as do other win daws, sonar for example…

Hi, does anyone know if this is fixed in later versions? I’m still on 7 but I think this one thing would persuade me to upgrade :astonished:

Old post but… Yes it has been fixed.

Regards :sunglasses: