re horrible AERO theme

Good point. Well, I’ve seen a few Aero-based themes that at least avoid the two main gripes with Win7 Aero: the thick window chrome with its 70’s landscape/sky refection, and how for dark themes, titlebar menus get radial dropshadows behind the text.

There are some pretty good, flat, clean and still dark themes out there.

I wish I could. I started my new DAW build early this year on W8, but had to revert to 7 due to a few plugins not working correctly.

That said, there have been so many plugin updates (and Cubase updates) since then, it’s worth a revisit.

The one thing I do like about Win7 over Win8 is that it’s hard to get a truly dark titlebar (and chrome) in Win8.

First off, its about Windows Vista that were released over eight years ago.
Secondly, the article were wrong/false then and its even more wrong and false, today.

I think people are confusing Aero with Aero’s effects (animation and glass transparency). Aero is the UI interface that Win7 is built on. It’s not a theme (even though it’s listed under the “themes” menu).

Speed and performance are two different things, and when you turn off Aero’s animations your windows will open and close instantly as opposed to taking those few frames of animation. If you have a desktop PC with a relatively modern GPU then turning off Aero does NOT give you a boost in performance. The only time that disabling the effects will give you a performance boost is when you’re using CPU for graphics output (onboard or integrated graphics on the CPU).

Also I think people are just complaining about how ugly Aero is (which it is pretty ugly). Windows Classic has smaller headers and borders and takes up less screen space.

And really the main problems with the Cubase 8 UI are not Aero related at all, it’s just badly designed. Always on top behavior is all over the place, plugin UIs sometimes don’t close correctly or don’t display correctly etc. There is already a large number of UI bugs reported.

I think what we can all agree on is that the new Cubase UI is a controversial topic among the userbase. :slight_smile:

+1 here as well- i absolutely hate the new UI. 7.5 was perrfectttt! I love areo but i hate the new features in the UI.

Please change the UI to allow the same as before- especially the mixer “full screen on monitor X” feature, which would hide any and all plugins that were on top of it even with the “Always on top” feature on.

I am almost tempted to go back to 7.5, but the render-in-place option (which is the whole reason i dumped $100 for the upgrade) is so useful for me that I don’t wish to go back.

Please DON’T!! The UI is much more consistent now than it was when C7 first came out. Cubase 7 looked disparate, with a Mixer design that was inconsistent with everything else. At least now everything looks like it belongs together, and it looks pro.

Also, I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to go back to quadruple-clicking each of my plugins in order to make them visible on top of the mixer. I hope you were being sarcastic about that. Sure there are things that need improvement, no question about that. But I would hate to go back to the previous behavior that some are willing to go back to. That’s just crazy to me.

I guess that is why my computer runs better without Aero??? Explain that Einstein. And yes I do have a good graphics card already.

Okay… good for you.

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I agree with jose, at least everything around mouse and plugins and windows behave as expected. It s not fair from steiny that we waited for such corections two years and have to pay for it.

What plugins wont work for you in W8 jalcide? Its strange cause also 10 y old plugs work on my w8.

If you don’t like Aero don’t use Windows.

Or use Windows 8.1 :wink:

Once you get on to 8.1 with the full benefit of GPT volumes, you won’t go back to 7.

Sonimus Britson (which is too awesome), … ah … i can’t remember. There were two others that I didn’t feel I could part with. If I remember, I’ll add a new reply here.

To be fair, of hundreds of plugins it was only three.

Also, I was doing a bunch of swap-outs and rebuilds (motherboard, etc.) and enjoyed the fact that Win7 didn’t ask for re-activation each time (like Win 8 does).

Also, I had an unused Win7 lic and also found a way to use the Win8 lic elsewhere (I have a rack of servers for my job), so that factored in.

Some people use more than one computer. The benefit of a dongle. You should try it.

The biggest mistake that Microsoft ever have done is to make it possible to turn off AERO and its Skin that comes with it.
They should never done it likewise they should never released any 32bit version of their OS since Windows 7 release.

On Mac OSX you can’t disable their Aero CoCo and skin and that’s a good thing.

If you don’t have minimum spec and computer to run it, don’t run it.

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I do but only with lower versions.

Try it :nerd:

Thanks, I’ll try that. I have two monitors as well and the layout compared to C7.5 was driving me nuts. Your solution seems a good one. :smiley:

I have finally decided on this Workspace for my projects. Still not happy with the main Bar being at the top of the 1st monitor, but hey, that’s life. :laughing:

Richard, you can minimize the main Cubase window and maximize the project window as suggested by Freddie H. in another thread. That will solve your problem :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve done a search but can’t seem to find the thread you’re talking about, but I’ll keep looking.

Judging by what everyone seems to be saying here, it looks like I should move up to Win8 (I’m on Win7)


Here’s the thread: