Re-Record From Mixconsole Does Not Delete Previous Recording

I just want to make sure that Steinberg knows that the re-record issue described in BON-11085 applies to CB Pro 8.0.20 too. Meaning that the previous recording is not deleted when pressing the re-record button on the Mixconsole. It seems to work perfectly when pressing the re-record button from the project window. Thanks.

Steps to produce the issue:

  1. With “Re-Record” activated in the “Transport” menu
  2. With the “Project” and “Mixconsole” windows open
  3. Record enable a track and initiate recording using the “Record” button from either the “Project” or “Mixconsole” window.
  4. Hit the “Re-record” button from the “Mixconsole” window. It does not delete the previous recording.

The "workaround for this is to always use the “Re-record” button from the “Project” window as it seems to work perfectly.

Related issue:

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Glad to see I’m not alone.
I have been having this problem since I posted this:
All from that thread is fixed for me except re-record not erasing previous audio take.

For me it doesn’t matter where I hit re-record with mouse or with the star key on my keyboard. When I use re-record with audio it doesn’t erase the previous take. Here are more details of my current issues with re-record.

Still not fixed in 8.0.30 :astonished:(

Thanks for checking that. :sunglasses:

You know, I never checked it in 8.0.30 as I got so used to just using the re-record button from the project window. It would be easier from the mixconsole though. Oh well… :unamused:

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BTW… like I previously posted, I have gotten used to using the re-record function from the button located on the project window. Well, yesterday I remembered to try it from the button on the mixconsole and I was surprised to see it is working. Nice! I hope it continues to work. I’ll report back if the “working” for me is intermittent.

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I have 8.0.30 and re-record still does not work. Sometimes it does not delete the previous recording, sometimes it does not return the cursor to the recording start point.