Real-time chord analyzer

One thing I miss from Logic Pro was the ability for it to tell me what chord I’m playing on my MIDI keyboard. There’s kind of an educational value to that I think. :slight_smile: Is there any such thing for Cubase?

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not that i know of.

following on from this, wouldnt it be great if you could set a “mask” over the key editor and only be allowed to drop and drag items to a note that is part of the song’s key. you could never plonk down a wrong note. we have to set the song’s key for things like the pitch corrector to work so Cubase already knows the key of our song. This would be very useful as well as educational (just like your suggestion).

i think Steinberg need to be thinking about less musically experienced users as well.


yea Cubase should have something like this. you can use some vsti’s for this task though, but can’t remember offhand which ones they are.
I like to use a feature like this not necessarily to conform my playing but to find new bizarre chord’s(at least to me) within simple melodies.
Both are useful techniques imo.

Aloha guys,

Cubase did have this feature in their key editor
and I’m not sure in which version it went away. (into the cornfield?)


If you want to compose music it helps to know the basics. Learn some music theory. It’s not that difficult. And it’s very cheap.

This is perhaps not real-time since you first have to record your part, but are you aware of the “Current Chord Display” in the Key Editor’s status line?

Whirly: Thanks, it’s not real-time but it does exist in some form, so… thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

Conman: I already compose music for a living. Thanks for the tip though.

Cubase VST OS9 on a mac mid 1990s.
Sent to the cornfield starting at Cubase SX - 2001.
I miss that too.

Gimme a break. A chord identifier on a scroll editor is perfectly legitimate tool.
I understand music theory and I enjoyed having the chord identifier in VST. Many of my clients are experts in music theory and most of them just glaze over and start a gape mouthed drool when looking at any of the editors (except notation of course).

I’m no professor of music like you guys but I can work out keys and chords pretty easily. Make chords in the score editor seems to work adequately as well if your midi input isn’t too messy. Now that’s handy for printing out scores.
Chord displays are good for around two weeks entertainment then you tend to forget about them.

In C6 Key Editor there is, if you activate all the info bars via the leftmost logo by the Solo Editor, a very faint Mouse position info line that does give a chord display as the cursor passes or is parked over the chord.
I haven’t looked but there may be an option to make this more legible.

See you in two weeks. :mrgreen:

a very good solution for Realtime Chord Analyzing is to use the → “Context Gate” (Midi plugin)
in cubase. You can switch this plugin to chord display:

(not in this screenshot)

When I move the cursor over the chords, the “Current Chord Display” doesn’t show any chords. Looking in the manual, all it says is to move the cursor over the notes in the Score Edit view and it will be displayed, but it is not in Cubase 9.0.1.

thanks for any help here.

I consider this a MAJOR over site by Steinberg. In fact I’m so disgusted, I would like my money back, screw the other improvements. This messes up my work flow to the point of Cubase pro 9 is worthless to me and I probably will even consider a cross grade to another product. A product I’ve used over ten years. Get your S**T together Steinberg, This is what I would call being grossly out of touch with your users.

Obviously I’m not amused, all the work arounds I’ve seen don’t seem to work when I try them. If any one has a working solution, please post it in a usable guide so the thousands of the offended can move on with a functioning Cubase, not crippled by poor customer awareness. Having to hand write charts is ridiculous. Considering the non stop questions about the missing chord(s), Steinberg needs to do the right thing and fix it, quickly.


Hey @CentralMusic: great tip with contextGate! I was looking for something like this since a long time. It was always just a mouse click away… :unamused:

I have Cubase Element 7.
The “Current Chord Display” is great but it displays Ab(A flat) when encounter Rest. Can we set to blank or dash for any Rest…Thank You

I’m looking at this thing:

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Looks pretty nice, trying the demo, several of the plugins I have show notes and chords but this does a lot more.

The midi plugin Context Gate shows chords in real time, as CentralMusic pointed out 6 years ago, and it is still true today.

I just bought it today, I love the Detect mode, it is quite nice for people who are learning chords.
I just can’t figure how to trigger another synth with Scaler in Cubase, they only explain how to do it with Live and Logic, if anyone knows??
I’ve also noticed that with Cubase when you click and drag to export Midi, no midi container is created in you track?? Although it works with Reaper…

You would use scaler the way you use midi arp plugins, with two tracks.
One track has your synth on it. The other track has the scaler.
After you make those instrument tracks set the input to the synth track to scaler and push the monitor button.
You record the synth track to capture the midi scaler puts out.
I got the demo and messed with it some. Cubase has the chord track that suggests other chords but this seems interesting.
Have to try writing a song with it to see if I could use it.

Yeoww!! I’ve created two tracks then set the input of the synth track to scaler and pushed the monitor button, now I can trigger another synth with scaler!!! Thank you very much !

I’ve noticed that I could heard the piano from scaler playing the same time as my other synth so I’ve muted the scaler track, is this the right way to do it?

Whatever works.

I think scaler has a synth built in that you can disable inside the plugin.