Real time export with external gear

Im running cubase 12 pro through an analog desk.
Trying to export real time so the signal flows through the desk and some compressors but this doesnt seem to work. There’s no sound while I export in real time and it seems the final audio wasnt exported with the analog signal flow im trying to run… anybody knows whats the way to do it? Am I missing something?

The signal flow here is important.

Describe how you using the mixer in your chain, your routing. Make a drawing if possible.
Are you sending separate outputs from your converter into separate channels into the mixer and then coming back to the DAW ?

This exact case has been discussed in another topic and has a solution :

Thanks for your reply @Pedro_G !

What i aim for eventually is to send the strero out of my interface into the board, the stereo input in the board has a compressor connected via insert. Then to live export the stereo channel passing through this signal chain.

So you need to go back into Cubase.
What you need to do is set a stereo input in cubase and record the incoming signal from the mixer, the result after what you have done in the analog.
Thats why when you try to export from cubase you have no sound, cubase doesnt know what you doing.

The easiest way to do it is to just set it up as an external plugin in cubase.
I usually export mixes this way by setting up one ‘external plugin’ slot on the main outs and then patch in hardware Neve 8803 EQ, Drawmer 1970 as a bus compressor, an SSL Fusion and then back into the box. Dead simple and works like a charm.

I still didnt realize how to do it… I want to record the live audio from the desk back into a stereo channel in cubase, but didnt understand how to rout it in the DAW… how can I have the stereo input channel get the audio from the master out?