Realtime translator / mapping for SysEx messages

Hi i know this is not a cubase question

i need something like a little program which can change SysEx messages in a live situation
similar to the midi input converter, like a small translator

the program should recognize a message like
. F0 31 4x aa bb F7 . and than change the 4-6 Byte and send
. F0 31 4y cc dd F7 . with a table in the background where you can find the pairs
. x aa bb . => . y cc dd .

i hope it’s clear what i mean

i tried to find something on the internet but realy did not
so i’m glad for any help

thanks oliver

a friend suggested to buy an arduino and make a hardware solution - but i don’t have any experiences with these things…


You can try MIDI Translator.

Or I can write a small utility for you. Are you on Windows or Mac, please?

Hi Martin, can you do something similar for the Roland GAIA?

Im stuck with the slider sending our sysex, and not midi CC

Ive tried your suggestion but i cant get it to work, and before paying it and spend days on this, maybe someone here could help me out :slight_smile:


The easiest way is to remap the hardware controls to send the MIDI CCs instead of SysEx Message (I don’t know the reason, why they should send SysEx).

If I’m not mistaken, there is also a free version of the MIDI Translator. This doesn’t work for you?

If nothing helps, I can write the utility for you. Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

As far as I know, Martin, the classic BMT doesn’t support rules, thus making a sysex to cc translation a pretty tedious operation.

Hi guys
I have had really good experience with the bome midi translator
works flawlessly
is relatively easy to program (okay I studied math / computer science…)
and after trying it a few times i bought the paid version
and definitely not regretted

probably I haven’t used even a small fraction of the possibilities…

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yes i also bought the Pro version, i used chatgpt 4, midi monitor and some midi implementation i found on roland web

it works now

i double post this question sorry about the confusion :slight_smile:

the reason for the sysex could be the 3 layer architecture of the GAIA…you know the typical tone layer Roland used in a lot of synths…maybe they didnt have enough CC’s
You basically have 3 x JP8000 controls + extra fx buttons and menu’s, all directly on the hardware (there are no menu’s at all, there is no display on this thing lol)

I want to map all 3 layers to different controllers in the new Midi Remote Mapping, so i can basically program Sylenth or Jupiter VST straight from the hardware…maybe im asking too much :slight_smile: