Realtime translator / mapping for SysEx messages

Hi i know this is not a cubase question

i need something like a little program which can change SysEx messages in a live situation
similar to the midi input converter, like a small translator

the program should recognize a message like
. F0 31 4x aa bb F7 . and than change the 4-6 Byte and send
. F0 31 4y cc dd F7 . with a table in the background where you can find the pairs
. x aa bb . => . y cc dd .

i hope it’s clear what i mean

i tried to find something on the internet but realy did not
so i’m glad for any help

thanks oliver

a friend suggested to buy an arduino and make a hardware solution - but i don’t have any experiences with these things…


You can try MIDI Translator.

Or I can write a small utility for you. Are you on Windows or Mac, please?