Reaper 7 features suggesting great improvememnts for Cubase

In this video, the bloger shows all new REAPER 7 features.

While I was watching, I just thought….yes please, everything of that in Cubase as well please.
Especially the workspace features like variable mixer channel-design made me wonder why it wasn’t already implemented in Cubase already.


Reaper is that guy that gate-crashes every party.
Along with Studio One.
And Logic.
And Ableton.
…Wouldn’t it be great if DAW devs all got together and just produce the one DAW to rule them all. It would have all the features of every DAW that has ever existed, along with all those features you’ve never heard of but must have.


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Shouldn’t you put ennui at the top of your post? At the moment you never enter ennui.

But I agree with you. Diversity is a good thing.

Does it comes with a free nose ring? :smiley:

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Indeed. I usually use angle brackets but here they don’t display, and ennui on it’s own looked odd.

There’s a somewhat more serious discussion of Reaper over here:

One of the cheapest DAWs but it appears to be the most sophisticated and packed with features other DAWs lacking. How is that possible?

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The thing they do with changeable gui look is for me totally wasted time both for developers and CPU’s. But I guess it can be inspiring for some.
However they do some serious features too. Like that they can oversample specific plugins when needed. That have impact on the result of working with the tool that can not be done in any other DAW yet. (To my knowledge at least) And for a DAW sound quality is KING.

I respect the DAW, but there is no way I could start from scratch to learn a DAW as deep as I know Cubase Pro…I tried it , but it did my head in.

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I know of course that everyone is looking at the other as well. I just wanted to point out that f.e. the Mixer-View settings alone are worth adapting :wink:

In MY little universe Cubase IS the DAW to rule them all :wink:
We just need to use the whip on those lazy programmers at Steinberg …hahahaha… just kidding…I know you guys are great.