Recommendation to write sfpp

Does anybody have a good solution to easily write a sfpp of a ffsf, as they can’t be defined as a combined dynamic.

I had this very problem recently and the solution isn’t easy to guess. Here’s the link. Rafaelv’s solutions are the ones you’ll want.

Great, thanks! The solution for sfpp is to create a combined dynamic: fpp selecting “subito” in the combined dynamic panel. Then select “subito forte style” to “sf” properties panel.
But for the “ffsf” I can’t combine a “ff” with a “f”…

Hi Xavier,

I can not get that either, I guess you’d have to use a playing technique. And if the playback is important enter the ff und the sf a semiquaver later and then hide the dynamics.


OK! If no better solution is posted I will use a playing technique, thanks!