Reconnecting the driver back to cubase from the background

I have setup cubase to release the driver when in the background, and then i listen to things in the background, but when i have finished in the background and i close background software, and i go back to cubase, and there is levels showing on sound that is playing, but nothing coming out of the speakers, so then how do i reconnect the driver back to cubase when i have finished in the background? My interface is a Zoom R24.

As far as I know you should not have to manually do anything (I know i don’t). I suspect this is an issue with the Zoom rather than cubase.

If you want to save yourself the trouble, just configure your computer properly.
You’ll then be able to hear the audio coming from multiple programs at the same time, Windows included.
I can’t understand why some people are still struggling with the obsolete Release Driver when Application is in Background thing. Most ASIO drivers are now multi-client compatible.